Social influences can have a significant effect on how we look at ourselves. Often, people suffer from low self-esteem based on how others respond to specific physical shortcomings. Recently, a group of researchers demonstrated that this problem is especially prevalent among modern men, who now face the same type of objectification that has impacted women for decades.

Dentist with a patient

Feelings of Inadequacy

A study out of University of Nebraska-Lincoln determined that modern men tend to suffer from more body shame, thanks mostly to popular culture. In conducting their study, the researchers asked a couple hundred college-aged men to fill out a survey that required them to assess their abilities to establish and maintain friendships and romantic relationships. In the end, the men showed blatant symptoms of body shame, thanks primarily to modern cultural influences which promote certain physical traits as ideal.

Magazines Having an Impact

According to the study’s researchers, modern bodybuilding, fitness and entertainment magazines objectify American men the way beauty publications do women. In turn, men are now suffering from lower self-confidence when compared to their recent ancestors.

Life Isn’t Always Fair

In a perfect world, people would place little importance on physical characteristics when judging others. Unfortunately, in the actual world, people have serious trouble seeing past physical flaws.

Countless women and men spend numerous hours in the gym shaping and toning their physiques; however, research indicates that good teeth are much more important, both professionally and socially.

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