The Denture Fountain of Youth® Columbia, South Carolina

Problems with Traditional Dentures

Most people with traditional dentures are unhappy with them because they:

  • Are uncomfortable
  • Look unattractive
  • Slip during talking or eating
  • Make it hard to eat
  • Require denture adhesive

This reduces the quality of life for a denture wearer. Denture wearers often do not feel comfortable smiling, talking, or eating in public. Traditional dentures can also affect your health. Poorly fitting dentures can make it hard to eat a balanced diet of nutritious foods, and denture adhesive can be toxic if used in large quantities.

What Makes The Denture Fountain of Youth® Different

The Denture Fountain of Youth® is constructed with the best materials available. They are also fitted with a superior understanding of how the jaw, teeth, and muscles work together. This understanding comes from more than 30 years of neuromuscular dentistry research. Neuromuscular dentistry is a type of dentistry that focuses specifically on how the hard and soft tissues of the mouth work together, and how to achieve their optimal function.

We will measure the optimal position of your jaw, and measure the action of your muscles to find the right fit for your dentures that enhances the comfort of your jaw and achieves maximum stability.

How Do They Work?

Dentures Before and After at Smile Columbia in Columbia, South CarolinaThe position of maximum comfort for your jaw also corresponds to the position of maximum support for your face. When your facial tissues developed, you had a full mouth of long, strong teeth. As your teeth wore down and were eventually lost, it caused your facial tissues to sink and collapse in the area between your nose and chin.

The Denture Fountain of Youth® restores the proper proportions to your face, eliminating the “sunken” appearance common to denture wearers. They also reduce the appearance of jowls, facial folds, and sagging skin.

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