Titanium dental implants have a great track record, but there are many reasons why people want metal-free dental implants. You may have thin or highly translucent gums that look grey with a metal implant. You may be allergic to titanium. Or you may just be concerned about the presence of metal in your mouth. Metal free zirconia dental implants allow us an option so that you can replace your teeth with dental implants without titanium. They are new, but they have undergone extensive testing, and they have as good a survival rate as metal implants.

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Benefits of Metal Free Zirconia Dental Implants

Metal free zirconia dental implants offer many benefits for patients, including:

Columbia Metal Free Dental Implants

  • Looks more like a natural tooth root
  • May integrate with the jaw better because it’s a ceramic
  • Suitable for people with metal allergies
  • Does not corrode or conduct electricity
  • One-piece design means no abutment and no abutment procedure

The lack of an abutment does more than just save you a procedure. The attachment between the dental implant and the abutment gives an additional area where fluid and bacteria can accumulate, which some studies indicate could be a significant factor in implant failure. With no abutment, CeraRoot may be more resistant to infection.

It’s hard to say whether these benefits make metal free dental implants a better option than titanium implants, but with the same survival rate as titanium implants, metal free implants certainly represent an attractive option.

Benefits of Digital Workflow

At Smile Columbia Dentistry, our advanced approach to dental implants includes a smooth, efficient, digital workflow that begins with imaging from the Planmeca CBCT machine. The CBCT takes detailed images of the treatment area, giving us specific information about bone density and shape so we know the suitability of the site. We also use these images to create customized surgical guides that allow for faster surgery and ensure accurate placement and orientation of implants.


Concerns about Titanium Dental Implants

Although titanium dental implants are very safe and generally give great cosmetic results, they are not appropriate for everyone. Some people have very thin or translucent gums that can take on a grayish cast when surrounding a metal dental implant.

Other people have titanium allergies. Titanium allergies are very rare. Studies show that perhaps 0.6% of the population has a titanium allergy. People with this allergy may experience dental implant failure or even more general allergy symptoms as a result of their allergy. The symptoms are not generally harmful, but they can be annoying, and include runny nose, watery eyes, skin rash and other disruptive symptoms. People with a titanium allergy need another option for dental implants.

Other people are concerned about metal implants for less definite reasons. There is a concern that the body is not intended to have metal in it, or that metal might interfere with the body’s natural electromagnetic field. Some people may fear toxicity of heavy metals, even though titanium has been shown to be generally safe. Followers of alternative or Eastern medicine may be concerned about the potential disruption of the body’s natural energies, the meridians by which qi flows through us.

Success Rate of Metal-Free Dental Implants

Metal Free Dental Implant - AfterMetal-free zirconia dental implants haven’t been around as long as titanium implants, so we can’t say with certainty that they will last decades. But so far the results have been great. For example, one recent study looked at over 800 dental implants for five years. The survival rate for zirconium implants was about 95%. But the study group included smokers, who are at a very high risk for dental implant failure. Only 15% of patients were smokers, but they accounted for about 70% of dental implant failures. Excluding smokers, the survival rate for the metal-free dental implants was about 98%, as good as or better than titanium dental implants in studies of this length.

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