woman holding her jaw in pain while holding icecream barIf your teeth and gums are healthy, you can bite into just about any food you want, but if your teeth and gums are unhealthy, you may find that they bite back.

If some of the foods in your regular diet are beginning to cause you discomfort, it’s time to make getting a checkup from a Columbia SC dentist a priority, because you’ve likely got some oral health issues that need resolution.

Ice Cream

Okay, so February isn’t when everyone is thinking about a triple-scoop cone, but ice cream can be a tasty treat all-year round, unless you have sensitive teeth. Enamel that is worn thin and tiny cracks in your teeth can cause you pain when you eat ice cream. Gum disease can also cause exposure of your cementum, the material on your tooth root that’s like enamel, but doesn’t insulate against temperature changes as well.

Metal amalgam fillings can also cause sensitivity. Unlike tooth-colored fillings, they conduct heat down into the core of your tooth.

Hot Beverages: Tea, Coffee, and Cocoa

If hot foods and beverages are causing you pain, it’s likely a sign of the same kinds of problems that make you sensitive to cold foods.

Corn or Potato Chips

Chips break down into sharp fragments, like tiny knives in your mouth. Healthy gums can blunt these dangerous implements, but if you’ve noticed you’re starting to get stabbed more and more often, it’s likely that you’re suffering from gum disease.


Popcorn can be tasty and even a healthy snack, but it’s hard on your teeth and gums. The husks from the kernels can get lodged between your teeth and between your teeth and gums. If you’ve noticed that this happens to you more than you used to, it’s likely that gum disease is increasing the size of pockets around your teeth or causing tooth loosening.

And if your jaw is sore after eating popcorn, you may be suffering from TMJ, which can lead to overexertion of your jaw muscles.

Apples, Carrots, Celery and Other Crunchy Fruits and Vegetables

These are more healthy foods that pose a challenge to your teeth–but nothing they shouldn’t be able to handle. However, crooked teeth, gapped teeth, and loose teeth may make you decide to avoid these nutritious foods.

Pork and Steak

Depending on how they’re prepared, these meats can be hard to chew, but even if you’ve managed to get the meat nice and tender, it’s still made up of tiny fibers that can get lodged between your teeth. These fibers can then irritate your gums, resulting in discomfort if you have swollen or sensitive gums.

Or perhaps you’re avoiding these foods because poorly fitting dentures make it hard to chew them?

Enjoy a Complete Diet

If you are tired of having to avoid foods that cause you pain, irritation, or discomfort, we can help by addressing the oral health issues that underlie your problem.

To learn how we can help you comfortably enjoy all the foods you want to eat, please contact dentist Columbia SC today.