Want to learn more about tongue tie and its impact on breastfeeding? Or just get some additional advice on breastfeeding and its challenges? Here are some good resources to look up.

Tongue Tie Resources

Dr. Kotlow’s website: a pediatric dentist with a collection of articles and pictures about lip and tongue tie

Fleur’s collection of lip and tongue tie articles

American Academy of Pediatrics’ 2004 newsletter on the impact of tongue tie on breastfeeding

Emily Heldt, IBCLC’s article on Low Milk Supply and Tongue Tie

Breastfeeding Resources

Advice on Choosing a Lactation Consultant

An article on Nipple Vasospasm

A summation of breastfeeding laws

A guide to Therapeutic breast massage for relieving engorgement

Research supporting the effectiveness of breast massage

ABM Clinical protocol for managing jaundice

Resources from La Leche League International on thrush

KellyMom’s guide to oversupply and forceful letdown

A website on low milk supply

A Statement on the safety of domperidone