Doctors and dentists can both perform frenotomy (tongue tie release also called frenectomy), so there may be many providers around your area. After deciding to get a frenotomy for your child, deciding on the provider is the most important decision you will make about your child’s procedure. Take time to make this decision properly, and you will be rewarded with a positive experience for you and your child. You’ll minimize your risks and maximize your odds of having a successful procedure the first time.

If you are considering a frenotomy, you will want to talk to multiple providers in person. To schedule an appointment with a frenectomy dentist at Smile Columbia Dentistry, please call (803) 781-9090 today.

Finding the right doctor to perform the tongue tie surgery is an important decision.

Questions to Ask a Tongue Tie Release Provider

If you are trying to determine the level of expertise of your provider, it’s important to ask several questions before you agree to a procedure:

How many tongue tie procedures do you perform per month? A provider should perform a significant number of procedures. This is a procedure that benefits from constant practice, so you generally want someone who performs double-digit numbers of procedures each month.

Do you treat posterior tongue tie? Some providers don’t believe in posterior tongue tie. Since this is a very real phenomenon and can potentially contribute to your child’s inability to breastfeed, you want someone who is prepared to treat this. It also speaks to a provider’s lack of expertise in the field.

Do you require general anesthesia? Some providers will require general anesthesia for this procedure. This is not necessary, as the procedure can be quickly and safely performed without general anesthesia. A provider that requires this may not be the right choice because there are risks associated with anesthesia. However, in some areas, there may be little choice, and the risks are much smaller, overall, than risks associated with unoperated tongue tie.

What is your post-procedure stretching routine? If a provider doesn’t have a routine or isn’t able to explain it clearly, you may want to work with someone else because this may be a sign that they don’t know about reattachment or they rarely do tongue tie procedures.

When you ask these questions, it’s important to gauge the provider as well as their responses. They should feel comfortable with their knowledge, comfortable with the procedure, and comfortable with your child.

What kind of support do you recommend after the procedure? Successful breastfeeding after a tongue tie surgery may require significant help from professionals other than your doctor or dentist. A provider should have a sense of this and may be able to refer you to an appropriate support team.

Does Laser vs. Scissors Matter?

Although many providers will assert that one or the other is better, the truth is that both tools are good for this procedure. The tool used for frenotomy is just a tool–the hand it’s in matters much more.

There have been no studies comparing the effectiveness of the two approaches to frenotomy, and studies of both approaches show high success rates.

There are some differences in the procedure to be aware of. The scissors procedure:

  • Is faster
  • Allows you to be in the room (laser safety rules prohibit your presence during the procedure)
  • Requires local anesthesia because it is more painful
  • Is less precise

It’s important to note that when it comes to discomfort, neither procedure seems to cause lasting discomfort. Once soothed, babies seem to forget about the procedure.

You should still ask your provider what they use and why, however. You want to know that they are comfortable with the tool they use, have good reasons for using it, and have achieved many successful results with it. You should get a feel for all of this as they are describing which tool they use.

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