Doctors and dentists can both perform frenotomy (tongue tie release also called frenectomy), so there may be many providers around your area. After deciding to get a frenotomy for your child, deciding on the provider is the most important decision you will make about your child’s procedure. Take time to make this decision properly, and you will be rewarded with a positive experience for you and your child. You’ll minimize your risks and maximize your odds of having a successful procedure the first time.

If you are considering a frenotomy, you will want to talk to multiple providers in person. To schedule an appointment with a frenectomy dentist at Smile Columbia Dentistry, please call (803) 781-9090 today.

Finding the right doctor to perform the tongue tie surgery is an important decision.

Key Questions for a Tongue Tie Release Provider

When assessing your provider’s expertise, consider asking these crucial questions before proceeding with a procedure:

  1. How frequently do you perform tongue tie procedures each month? It’s vital to choose a provider with substantial experience in this field. Consistent practice enhances proficiency, so opt for someone who routinely conducts a significant number of these procedures monthly.
  2. Do you treat posterior tongue tie? Some practitioners may overlook posterior tongue tie, despite its genuine impact on breastfeeding difficulties. It’s preferable to work with a provider who acknowledges and addresses this condition, reflecting their expertise.
  3. Is general anesthesia necessary? While some providers may recommend general anesthesia, it’s typically unnecessary. The procedure can be swiftly and safely executed without it. A provider insisting on general anesthesia may raise concerns about unnecessary risks associated with anesthesia. However, specific circumstances may require this option.
  4. What is your post-procedure stretching regimen? A well-defined and effective stretching routine post-procedure is essential. A provider who lacks a clear plan or struggles to explain it may indicate limited knowledge in the field or infrequent experience with tongue tie procedures.

When posing these questions, consider not only the responses but also your overall impression of the provider. They should exude confidence in their expertise, procedure proficiency, and the well-being of your child.

Support Following the Procedure

Successful breastfeeding after a tongue tie release often necessitates support from various professionals beyond your doctor or dentist. An experienced provider should recognize this and may recommend a suitable support team to assist you.

Laser vs. Scissors: Does It Matter?

While some providers advocate for one tool over the other, both lasers and scissors are effective for frenotomy. The choice of tool is less critical than the skill of the practitioner.

No studies have conclusively proven one approach’s superiority over the other, and both methods exhibit high success rates. However, there are differences to consider:

  • Scissors procedures are faster.
  • They allow your presence in the room during the procedure (laser safety rules often prohibit this).
  • Local anesthesia is necessary with scissors because it tends to be more painful.
  • Laser procedures are more precise.

It’s essential to discuss the tool your provider uses and their rationale for choosing it. Ensure they are comfortable with their selected tool, possess valid reasons for its use, and have achieved successful outcomes with it.

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