Karen L. Testimonial – Migraine Treatment

Karen sufferd from sever migraines for years and lived with nearly constant pain. She had tried nearly every approach at curing them that there was available before meeting Dr. Hahn. Watch her story and hear how we were able to help her.

Ezekial Z. Testimonial – TMJ Treatment Testimonial

Ezekial was in a pretty bad motorcycle accident which left him in pain anytime he would talk or eat. See how we used our technology to help him

Brenda D. Testimonial – Jaw Pain Treatment Testimonial

Karen assumed that her jaw pain was a natural part of aging. Watch the above video to see how we were able to utilize an orthotic device to aleviate her pain

Rose Testimonial – TMJ and Migraine Pain Relief Testimonial

Rose didn’t know that her chronic migraines were caused by dysfunction of her TMJ. Once identified Dr Hahn was able to effectively treat her TMD and alleviate the symptoms of chronic headaches she was having.