Successful surgery depends on knowing what to expect. Surprises in surgery are almost always bad news. To help us plan more accurately and avoid surprises in our implant dentistry and other procedures, we’ve added the Planmeca CBCT to our process. CBCT gives us 3D images of the bones and teeth to help us plan our procedures with precision. This allows for faster procedures and higher quality results.

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Benefits of Planmeca CBCT

We chose the Planmeca CBCT scanner because of the numerous benefits it offers for our patients. With this system, you will enjoy:Planmeca CBCT in Columbia, SC

  • Open construction avoids claustrophobic feelings
  • Highly detailed 3D images allow precise planning
  • Get scans at the dentist–no need for a referral or extra travel
  • Integrated technology for rapid, efficient turnaround
  • Ultra low dose scanning for safety
  • Modeling and facial imaging helps comprehensive planning

We know that people don’t like the thought of getting into a CT machine, but CBCT is different–you sit out in the open and a small sensor moves around you. The sensor and attached software creates highly detailed images of the areas we’re interesting in to improve planning and results. And because we can take these scans at our office, you don’t have to go anywhere else to get imaged. It makes it faster and more convenient. Plus, the software integrates with other parts of our process to help make your treatment faster.

Finally, Planmeca CBCT is designed to make the most of its scans. This allows ultra-low doses of radiation that still give us the information we need to perform your procedures properly.

Using Planmeca CBCT helps us plan your dental procedures precisely so we can achieve your results with maximum accuracy, and great speed.

What Planmeca CBCT Can Do

We can utilize CBCT scans for many different dental procedures, including:

As well as virtually any procedure that requires a detailed assessment of the structure of your teeth and jaws.

How Does CBCT Work?

CBCT is short for cone beam computed tomography, a form of CT scan. CT scans work by performing a number of x-rays from different angles. A computer can take these different x-rays and build a three-dimensional image out of them based on the differences between them.

Traditional CT scans you get at a doctor’s office have emitters and detectors on the outer edge of the cylinder–that’s why you have to go inside the machine to get imaged. CBCT scans have their emitters in just one place. The emitter tilts to create the x-rays from different angles, and the detector on the opposite side collects them.

Because of the geometry of the cone, CBCT can get more detailed images with lower radiation in situations like imaging the teeth and jaw. However, it doesn’t work as well in all situations.

Are You Looking for an Advanced Dental Office?

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