If you’re considering getting a cosmetic dental procedure done, you’ve probably wondered how to choose the right dentist for it. It’s important to find a dentist who is experienced and properly trained, and is able to perform the type of procedure you’re looking for. You’ll want a dentist with demonstrated successes under their belt, excellent communication, and a great bedside manner. You’re looking for a dentist who can both help you determine which procedures are best to achieve the results you want, and who can execute those procedures reliably and with minimum discomfort as a result. Does that sound like a tall order? Luckily, you don’t have to make that decision alone — in fact, most people don’t.

Polls Show How Patients Choose Cosmetic Dentists

Columbia, SC dentist Dr. Adam HahnA San Diego digital marketing group recently conducted a survey across informational websites about elective healthcare such as cosmetic dentistry, plastic surgery, and vision correction surgery. In these polls, website visitors were asked to answer seven questions about how they use the internet when researching procedures and choosing a doctor.

The results were fairly consistent across the different types of elective procedures: Patients report that review websites play a major role in their selection process. In fact, nearly 63% of those polled marked that review websites were “extremely important” in selecting a cosmetic dentist. Less than 5% of those polled said that reviews were “not important” to their choice.

Why Reviews Matter

Why are reviews so important to patients when it comes to choosing a doctor or dentist? It’s likely because reviews are an unbiased source of information. They’re written by patients just like you to illustrate their real experiences. While a dentist’s own account of their skills can be valuable when it comes to information about the services they offer, it’s also one-sided. (This is also why it’s important to read reviews on a third-party review site, like Google or Birdeye, to ensure that the reviews are honest.)

A review can show you not just whether or not other patients were satisfied with the care they received, but also whether or not the patient liked or felt comfortable around the dentist, whether they felt they were adequately advised and informed, and even whether or not the outcome of their procedure was satisfactory. Bad reviews can warn patients away from a risky dentist, and good reviews can reassure you that a dentist will be a good choice. But not all dentists are simply good or bad — reviews can also help you find a dentist that is best suited for your specific needs, rather than potentially ending up in the office of a dentist who is great at, say, dental implants, but not at whatever procedure you need.

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