Porcelain veneers are a top choice for tooth repair and to improve the aesthetics of your smile at Smile Columbia Dentistry in Columbia, SC. Masterful cosmetic dentist, Dr. Adam Hahn has been putting porcelain veneers on teeth for many years, but sometimes the veneer will come off the tooth and fall out. When this happens, taking certain steps is necessary to ensure your tooth gets fixed promptly and professionally. 

Even the best quality porcelain veneers placed by superb cosmetic dentists like Dr. Hahn may come loose and fall off. Still, this problem is easy to fix with the professionals at Smile Columbia Dentistry. If you’ve had a porcelain veneer fall off, please get in touch with Smile Columbia Dentistry immediately so we can restore your smile to its stunning state.

Why Porcelain Veneers Fall Off

As we said, even the best porcelain veneers may fail for various reasons. There’s no need to panic if your veneer has fallen off. No dental emergency is ever planned or enjoyable, but there is no need to panic. You are in good hands at Smile Columbia Dentistry.

With proper care, porcelain veneers in Columbia, SC, can last as long as 15 years. Older veneers may fail, and veneers not properly cared for may fail. The most common reasons dental veneers fall off are:

  • Bad chewing habits
  • Teeth grinding
  • Negligence (poor oral hygiene at home)
  • Tooth decay behind the porcelain veneer
  • The veneer was not adequately bonded or properly placed
  • The veneer was too old

If your veneer has fallen off after 15 years, itit won’t be surprisingHowever, if a brand-new porcelain veneer has failed, you will want to know why. Dr. Adam Hahn and his team will be able to help you understand what went wrong and how to ensure the problem doesn’t happen again.

Book an Appointment

Regardless of which Columbia cosmetic dentist placed your veneer, you can get it corrected at Smile Columbia Dentistry in no time. In the meantime, while you wait for the day of the appointment, ask the team at Smile Columbia Dentistry how to keep your tooth safe until Dr. Hahn evaluates you. If your veneer has fallen off, you should also:

  • Collect the pieces of the porcelain veneer in a hard, clear container; veneers may be salvageable if one large piece remains intact. 
  • Do not try to reattach your veneer alone; do not use any glue in your mouth, as many are toxic.
  • You should expect increased sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks.
  • You should also expect a rough sensation against your lips and tongue.

Please call Smile Columbia Dentistry (803) 781-9090 when your veneer falls off, and leave a detailed message so the team knows what specific problem you’re facing. You may also fill out our online contact form; one of our staff members will reach out soon. 

Cosmetic dentistry in Columbia is a top choice for improving your smile’s aesthetics and teeth’ function. A highly skilled, experienced Columbia, SC cosmetic dentist like Dr. Hahn has placed thousands of veneers and has fixed many over the years.

What To Expect From Dr. Hahn

  • At your appointment, Dr. Hahn will examine your tooth to determine if reattaching the veneer is a good option. If your veneer broke when it came off, you would likely need a new one, as the old one likely will not be fixable.
  • Dr. Hahn will determine what caused the veneer to fail, and regardless of the reason, he will need to address your particular situation to ensure it doesn’t happen twice.
  • If the veneer is still in good condition and fits properly, he may be able to clean it and reattach it. A composite resin may fix chips, cracks, or splinters in porcelain veneers, but in most cases, replacement will be necessary.

While it’s rare for porcelain veneers to fail or fall off, it does happen. When it does, the best action is to call Smile Columbia Dentistry to schedule an appointment for veneer repair in Columbia, South Carolina.

Let Dr. Hahn Help When Your Porcelain Veneer Falls Off

Please call Smile Columbia Dentistry today (803) 781-9090 if you have a dental emergency or want a new patient appointment. You may also fill out our online contact form; one of our team members will reach out shortly.