Bridgework on lower part of mouth


Bridgework on lower part of mouth

If you have lost a tooth due to injury or gum disease, we recommend that you replace that tooth as soon as possible. Not only is a full smile more attractive, but a replacement tooth also helps distribute bite forces to protect your other teeth and prevent them from shifting. A bridge is a highly functional and attractive permanently fixed replacement option for a lost tooth.

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What is a Fixed Bridge?

A bridge is a replacement tooth that is anchored to one or preferably two natural teeth by dental crowns. We will recommend a style of bridge appropriate to the location of the missing tooth, and the strength and health of your anchor teeth.

Sometimes a dental bridge can be anchored on one or both sides by dental implants if there are not appropriate teeth available.

A fixed bridge is a fully functional replacement tooth. It does not come with diet restrictions, looks attractive, and functions just like a natural tooth for talking, chewing, and maintaining your bite.

When Is a Fixed Bridge Recommended?

A fixed bridge is just one of your tooth replacement options. It is likely to be the best one if:

  • You do not want the trouble of a removable denture
  • Teeth adjacent to the gap are healthy and strong, but might benefit from a crown
  • You do not have enough bone for a dental implant

In this case, a dental bridge is likely to be your best tooth replacement option. However, we cannot say for sure which is the right tooth replacement for you until we evaluate your smile in person.

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