One unpleasant part of restorative and cosmetic dentistry was the impressions. You had to bite down into the impression tray filled with plaster or with some sort of plastic foam. Wouldn’t it be Planmeca Emerald in Columbia, SC

nicer if we could just wave a magic wand over your teeth and come up with a digital impression? Well, now we can, thanks to the new Planmeca Emerald scanner. Instead of having you bite down into an impression tray, we can literally wave this digital scanner over your teeth to create a 3D digital impression of your teeth that we can then use to design any dental restoration, including crowns for dental implants. It’s faster, more comfortable, and accurate!

Would you like to learn how this fast, accurate, comfortable impression method can improve your dental experience and your dental results? Please call today for an appointment with Columbia, SC cosmetic dentist Dr. Adam Hahn at Smile Columbia Dentistry.

Benefits of Digital Impressions

With digital impressions, you can enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Comfort–no gooey impression trays
  • Speed–It takes less than a minute to do a full arch
  • Convenience–Get your restorations faster
  • Accuracy–as accurate as physical impressions–and less likely to have errors
  • Versatility–We can use Planmeca scans for many different treatments
  • Durability–The digital records are stored so they won’t get lost or broken

Thanks to these numerous benefits, we know that our patients will be happier with 3D digital impressions from Planmeca Emerald.

No More Biting into Trays

Although impression materials have evolved over the years, they aren’t much better than they ever were. Although the new foam and plastic materials may not be quite as slimy as the old plaster, they are still unpleasant, and they can still make you gag. For many people, biting into an impression tray is the worst part of any dental experience.

But with Planmeca, we just have to wave the wand over your teeth. You don’t have to bite down on any trays, and the wand is very slim. It can move easily through your mouth without making you gag–it doesn’t have to touch any part of your mouth to work.

Shorter Appointments, Faster Restorations

Sitting in a dental chair is hard to do. Even the best chair can get uncomfortable after a while, and when you add the stress of a dental appointment, the time you spend in the dental chair probably seems a lot longer than it actually is.

Physical impressions make your dental appointments much longer. It can take five minutes or more to get an impression of a single dental arch–and that’s if it’s done right the first time. But with Planmeca Emerald, we can easily take an impression of each arch in under a minute.

And instead of having to send a physical impression to the lab in the mail, we can send them digitally. Instead of taking days to get to the lab, they can be there in seconds. That means the lab can start working on your restorations right away so you will spend less time wearing temporary restorations.

Accuracy and Versatility

Another benefit of Planmeca scans is their accuracy. They are about as accurate as physical impressions. However, physical impressions can have many problems. Sometimes, it can be hard to get a well-developed impression. Other times, the impression might be damaged in transit. Perhaps you’re not able to bite down properly because you’re numbed up.

There’s a lot that can go wrong with physical impressions. But digital impressions correct themselves as we go, so we know we’re getting an accurate, usable impression.

And speaking of usable, these digital impressions are usable for many different types of procedures. We can use them for making dental restorations like crowns for natural teeth or dental implants. Or we can use them for designing orthodontic treatments. Basically, any treatment that needs impressions can use these.

And because we can save your impressions for the future, we don’t have to worry about them being lost or broken. If we ever need to look at them again in the future, we can easily call them up–you won’t have to come in to redo your impressions.

Technology Makes a Better Experience

At Smile Columbia Dentistry, Dr. Adam Hahn is dedicated to making not only the best results but also the best experience for our patients. Planmeca Emerald helps us do both.

To learn how these digital impressions can improve your experience, please call today for an appointment at Smile Columbia Dentistry in Columbia, SC.