Does Smiling Make You Look Younger?

“Every smile makes you a day younger.” Even if you’ve never heard this charming proverb attributed to ancient Chinese or Japanese wisdom, it probably doesn’t surprise you. We hold a widespread belief that smiling makes the face appear younger. Whether we associate happiness with youth or simply the smile itself, this belief that wearing a Read More

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Studies Show E-Cigarettes Harm Gums

A few years ago, the word e-cigarette still sounded foreign to most people. But these days, smoking e-cigarettes — more casually known as “vaping” — has become unremarkable. In fact, recent statistics show that more than nine million Americans smoke e-cigarettes regularly, making them a trend worth investigating.

One of the main marketing tools used to Read More

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Get a Facelift Without Going Under the Knife

Have you ever considered getting a facelift surgery? This kind of surgery, called a rhytidectomy, is designed to reduce the appearance of age in the face. Over time, the muscles and skin in the face begin to sag, wrinkles and folds appear, and loss of fat can reshape the face. All these changes can make Read More

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Scientist Designs Gum for Space Travellers

Living on Mars has been a subject of science fiction for decades. But while the idea is certainly exciting, Mars itself is anything but hospitable. The Red Planet’s temperatures can drop to nearly 150 degrees below zero at night, and dust storms can last for weeks, at times almost completely blocking out the sun. Mars Read More

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Canker Sores Aren’t a Disease, They’re a Symptom

If you’ve ever had a canker sore, you’re not alone — around 20% of the general population gets these occasional mouth ulcers. And while they may be benign, they’re still unpleasant. The sores can appear on the inner cheeks, lips, or even the soft palate, and they’re painful, particularly when touched. If your sores are Read More

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