Scientist Designs Gum for Space Travellers

Living on Mars has been a subject of science fiction for decades. But while the idea is certainly exciting, Mars itself is anything but hospitable. The Red Planet’s temperatures can drop to nearly 150 degrees below zero at night, and dust storms can last for weeks, at times almost completely blocking out the sun. Mars Read More

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Canker Sores Aren’t a Disease, They’re a Symptom

If you’ve ever had a canker sore, you’re not alone — around 20% of the general population gets these occasional mouth ulcers. And while they may be benign, they’re still unpleasant. The sores can appear on the inner cheeks, lips, or even the soft palate, and they’re painful, particularly when touched. If your sores are Read More

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7 Ways Smiling Can Improve Your Life

It makes sense that when you’re happy, you probably have a smile on your face. But did you know that it can work the other way around, too? Sometimes happiness causes the smile, but in some cases, the smile can cause happiness!

Smiling: More Powerful Than You Think
All the research into smiling has revealed some unbelievable Read More

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Is Your Baby Tongue Tied? A Frenectomy Can Help

We use the phrase “tongue tied” to refer to being dumbstruck, unable to speak because of shyness or embarrassment. But the tongue can be literally tied thanks to a little band of connective tissue that attaches the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. And being “tongue tied” can come with some concerning health risks.

What Read More

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Dental Implant 101: All About Implants

If you’re missing a tooth or two, you may have considered in the past. But questions about this common cosmetic and functional procedure may have kept you from taking the plunge.

Today, we’ll answer all your dental implant questions, so you can feel confident asking your dentist about the possibilities.

The Basics of Dental Implants
So, what Read More

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