Most people in Columbia associate braces with crooked teeth, but you don’t have to have crooked teeth to benefit from braces. At Smile Columbia Dentistry, we provide braces to numerous patients for a variety of reasons, using the principles of “functional orthodontics”.

Braces have the power to turn unattractive, misaligned teeth into aesthetically-pleasing smiles. But braces can also help both young and older patients achieve a healthy occlusion (bite), while providing more attractive facial profiles which improve self-esteem.

The best way to understand the benefits of functional orthodontics for you, please call (803) 781-9090 or email Smile Columbia Dentistry in Columbia, SC today for an appointment with a neuromuscular dentist.

What Are Functional Braces?

dreamstime_m_37032755In addition to smiling, your teeth perform many vital functions, such as chewing. In order to perform these functions properly, the teeth have to be aligned so that they come together in an alignment consistent with the way your muscles work. When your muscles are pulling your teeth together so that they’re not striking on the proper surfaces, it can lead to an inefficient bite, which may make it hard for you to chew your teeth properly and may lead to early wear and damage to your teeth.

Functional orthodontics involves the use of braces and/or custom-made dental appliances, which gradually move teeth into the correct alignment. Not only do our Columbia braces create a more attractive smile which enhances a patient’s overall appearance; because it’s based on a neuromuscular approach, functional orthodontics also preserves the health of jaw muscles and the temporomandibular joint. Comfortable and efficient, this treatment strategy is also appropriate for treating the following:

  • Severe spacing or crowding
  • Occlusal irregularities, such as crossbite of the back and front teeth
  • Excessive chipping or wear of the front teeth
  • Insufficient tongue space

At Smile Columbia Dentistry, we also use functional orthodontics to relieve symptoms associated with TMJ disorder. By adjusting the teeth to create a neuromuscularly-balanced bite, we’re able to eliminate common symptoms associated with this debilitating condition, including limited range of motion, grinding, chewing difficulties, headaches, jaw pain and tender or sore joints and muscles.

A New You

Millions of Americans live with crooked teeth that make them feel introverted and self-conscious. These days, however, more and more adults are taking advantage of modern dental treatments, such as invisible braces (clear orthodontic aligners) and functional orthodontics, which allow them to attain the smiles of their dreams in a relatively short period of time.

Whether you’re suffering from pain associated with bite problems, or you’re tired of others judging you based on your dental flaws; now is the time to seek help. For a beautiful, healthy smile, please call (803) 781-9090 or email Smile Columbia Dentistry in Columbia, South Carolina today.