Financing Your Dental Care Is Important

Your payment options include:

  1. Direct payment of cash, check, or any major credit card.
  2. Direct payment of cash, check, or any major credit card and then filing with your insurance for reimbursement. Your insurance company will then send any reimbursement directly to you at your home address. Be prepared: We have found that reimbursements can be less than you might expect, especially for cosmetic dentistry.
  3. Extended payment plans.

If you choose to file insurance, we can help maximize your benefits. Let us help complete all of the necessary paperwork and mail or email your claim form to your insurance carrier.

Some patients find it helpful to check with their carrier before the appointment to inquire about coverage.

Extended Payment Plans

Qualified applicants may choose to work with our financial partners to secure financing, usually simply by applying online or by phone; a credit decision usually only takes a few minutes. This allows you to complete your treatment with no initial payment.

The benefits include low monthly payments and 0% and low-interest plans.

Dental FinancingGreenSky strives to make credit more accessible through enhanced technology and an elegant user experience. They emphasize fairness, sincerity, honor, and transparency in all dealings, and want to satisfy and anticipate the needs of their customers. We understand that sometimes we all need a little help to afford the care that we need. That’s why we have partnered with GreenSky. They have a variety of financing options to make your dentistry an affordable part of your monthly budget. Apply here!

Lending Club is the world’s largest online marketplace connecting borrowers and investors, transforming the banking system to make credit more affordable and investing more rewarding.

CareCredit is a simple way to consolidate and manage certain out-of-pocket healthcare expenses with a revolving line of credit that can be used repeatedly and for any family member.