We Believe In Honesty, Integrity, And Transparency

Practicing dentistry can be complicated, especially when insurance plans and protocols are involved. Our team would rather have more freedom and flexibility to treat our patients with their health in mind. A vital part of dental treatment is to explain to our patients the problems found and discuss the treatments that work best for the patient. Going over costs, scheduling, and explaining insurance benefits prior to starting treatment is a key part of our plan to help our patients achieve their dental health goals.

Quality Over Quantity

Smile Columbia is a Fee-for-Service dental practice. This allows us to utilize the highest quality labs and materials, rather than seeking lower-quality to meet cost restrictions placed upon in-network or participating providers by third party insurance companies. Our fees and services are not managed or dictated to us by your insurance company. Instead, we charge a fair and set rate that is usual and customary to our area. Our fair pricing allows Dr. Hahn and you to choose the best procedures and laboratories instead of only what will fit into your insurance plan’s package. Dr. Adam Hahn believes the relationship and care he provides to his patients is between you and your dentist, not your insurance company. You deserve the freedom to do what is best for your smile and overall oral health, and the decisions of treatments and care are a result of you collaborating with your dentist for the best possible options and outcomes. Dr. Hahn provides you with an elevated level of care not limited by an insurance carrier’s contract as an out-of-network provider.

Does A Fee-For-Service Dentist Take My Insurance?

We accept most insurance as an out-of-network provider with the exception of HMOs, DMOs, Medicaid, and other exclusive provider networks. As a courtesy, we file your insurance claims on your behalf and do our best to maximize your benefits. We also manage all the paperwork and forms that are necessary to seek reimbursement for your plan’s coverage. As a convenience to you, we will also verify your insurance or eligibility benefits prior to your new patient appointment as well as any time that you notify us of a change in your coverage. The insurance company does not guarantee payment based on the information provided to us. YOU ARE ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE for any amounts that are not covered by your insurance company.

Many patients with dental insurance are not aware that they can choose a fee-for-service dentist – or a dentist not within their network – without having to absorb the entire cost of treatment themselves. Also, recently insured people may leave a trusted dentist to go to a participating provider because they are unaware that they have an option to choose their own dentist.

If you choose to become our patient regardless of your insurance carrier, we are more than happy to treat you. We are upfront and honest with our costs. Should you require treatment we will provide you a detailed treatment plan to include all options and costs beforehand.