Have you ever wished you could have a digital breath analyzer that could tell you exactly how bad your breath was and what might be done to fix it? Well, you’re in luck because the Indiegogo campaign for just such a tool–dubbed Mint–has been more than fully funded. So far, the campaign has earned 264% of its $25,000 goal–with 44 days left to go!

With all that funding, we can hopefully expect the company behind the device to begin rolling out prototypes soon, with the model available for sale sometime soon after.

What Is Mint?

Beautiful blonde woman smiling, in front of a gray backgroundMint is a small green plastic unit with a valve on one end. You hold the rounded body, which is a couple inches across, and insert the valve into your mouth. It has a tiny vacuum in it, which sucks in a sample of air. The unit then analyzes the sample, sending the score to a special Breathometer app.

Mint measures a couple of basic variables about your breath. It detects whether your mouth is properly hydrated and whether there are volatile sulfur compounds in your breath. Both of these are essential measures of whether you are at risk for gum disease, tooth decay, abscessed tooth, and more.

Hydration is important for your mouth. How well hydrated you are determines how much saliva your body generates, and the quality of the saliva. Without enough hydration, the saliva in your mouth can become sticky and acidic. Instead of washing bacteria off your teeth, it helps hold it in place, contributing to decay.

Volatile sulfur compounds not only measure how bad your breath is, but how likely you are to be developing gum disease and possibly an abscessed tooth. Anaerobic bacteria are bacteria that don’t like oxygen, so they tend to thrive in areas other than on the surfaces of your teeth. They like to shelter between your teeth, below the gum line, and even inside an infected tooth. These bacteria “breathe” sulfur instead of oxygen, so they give off smelly breath compounds.

With Mint, you will always know when your hydration or hygiene levels are putting your teeth and gums at risk.

Shipping Soon

With their Indiegogo campaign fully funded, the minds behind Mint plan to start shipping units by this summer. They still have many discounted units left, starting at $89, but if you wait for the main production run, they will go up to $99.

Of if you’re not prepared to shell out that kind of dough, you can cup your hand over your mouth and nose to check your breath, keep up proper oral hygiene, and, of course, make your regular dental checkups.

If you suspect that chronic bad breath is a sign you might be at risk for gum disease or might need a root canal, please call (803) 781-9090 for an appointment with a Columbia, SC dentist at Smile Columbia Dentistry.