You might think that you can get dental implants from any dentist but it’s not like buying groceries一your implant dentist matters. Not every dentist has the same education, experience, or technique. Visiting the right implant dentist in Columbia, SC can help ensure you achieve long-lasting results that fit, function, and look their best.

Learn all the reasons why your implant dentist matters.

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Dental Implant Cost

The first and probably most important reason why your implant dentist matters is because dental implants are an investment. In most cases, the cost of a full mouth of dental implants is similar to the price of a brand new car. You wouldn’t blindly buy a car without doing a bit of research on it and evaluating its condition, would you? Choosing an implant dentist should be no different.

Before choosing an implant dentist, you should conduct a fair amount of research to determine if they’re the best fit for you. When you choose the right implant dentist, you won’t have to worry about making such a large investment in your oral health. There won’t be a question as to whether or not your implants will fail or whether or not your results look great. The right dental implant dentist will help you feel secure and confident in your investment.

Take your time choosing the right implant dentist so you don’t waste your money down the line.

Results Can Vary

You might visit one dentist who tells you that you only need four dental implants to secure a full arch of missing teeth. Another dentist tells you that you need eight dental implants to secure a full arch. Another dentist tells you that you’re not a good candidate for dental implants. The truth is, no matter which dentist you end up choosing, they won’t give you the exact same results as another dentist. That’s why it’s so important to do your research ahead of time.

When you know what kind of results to expect from your dentist, you won’t have to worry about feeling unsatisfied or hesitant about getting dental implants. 

Different Dentists Use Different Techniques & Materials

One dentist might require you to get a bone graft while another doesn’t. Some dentists might be able to place your implants directly after extractions while others prefer not to. Some dentists might use titanium implants while others use a different material. There are lots of different factors to consider in the technique itself when choosing an implant dentist. When searching for an implant dentist, make sure to ask lots of questions during the consultation about the treatment process. If you have had other consultations, feel free to bring up what other dentists have suggested and why you should go with another dentist instead.

As a patient, you shouldn’t have to know everything about the dental implant procedure to make a decision. Finding a dentist who is happy to explain their process and why they do it the way they do it is always a good sign.

At the end of the day, different techniques and different materials can each give you different results. Not all dentists use the same techniques and materials. Consider all the factors when choosing an implant dentist. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Implant Dentist

When you’re searching for an implant dentist in Columbia, SC, there are a lot of factors you should consider and research ahead of time.

Education & Training

The education and training of your implant dentist can make a world of difference in your results. For example, Dr. Hahn has completed extensive continuing education outside of his DMD. He completed his residency training at Palmetto Health Richland where he focused on the placement and restoration of dental implants as well as general and cosmetic dentistry. He also achieved a Fellow designation after studying at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dentistry. Lastly, he completed M2 advanced dental implant training at the Engel Institute.

His extensive training and education experience showcases how knowledgeable and experienced he is with dental implants. Education and training are highly important factors to consider when choosing an implant dentist.

Technique and Technology

The technique your implant dentist uses can either make or break your results. Dr. Hahn, for example, uses a modern digital workflow with advanced technology to plan and perform your dental implant procedure. He begins by using Planmeca ProMax CBCT scans to determine the optimal implant placement position. The images speed up the procedure process and improve accuracy. He incorporates digital dental implant surgery guides for every patient to ensure the best results possible. Dr. Hahhn also uses Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) to improve the procedure and expedite the healing process.

When researching the right implant dentist for you, compare and contrast their techniques and technology to see which one offers the most planning and precautions for your success.


The last factor you should consider when searching for an implant dentist in Columbia are the results. Your implant dentist should have case studies to show you of previous dental implant patients. You should explore their before and after photos and ask the doctor about their implant success rate. Knowing other patient’s results will give you an idea of your own potential results.

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