It’s very common for people to come into our office asking to get the smile of their favorite celebrity. This is actually really helpful. It gives us a great starting point to discuss your cosmetic dentistry goals. A famous smile is likely well documented with pictures from many angles, not to mention pictures that even look into the mouth, and that gives us a great start for your smile makeover.

But sometimes we get people that are very insistent that they must have a celebrity’s exact smile. While we can look at their suggestions on the best way to keep their teeth clean, we have to talk about why getting their exact smile probably isn’t a good idea.

A truly comprehensive view

It Won’t Look the Same, Anyway

One of the most important things to understand is that even if we give you the exact same smile as a celebrity, it likely won’t look the same on you. That’s because the appearance of your smile is related to more than just your smile. It’s related to the combination of features that makes up your facial appearance, including your lips and nose, eyes and chin.

It Might Not Look Good on You

Once you understand that the smile won’t look the same on you, you can probably understand why the smile might not look attractive on your face. If the appearance of a smile is related to a harmonic relationship between the features of the face and the smile, just taking the exact smile proportions from another person’s face might not look right. It might look decidedly off, leading to an overall effect that is just unattractive.

It Might Not Fit Your Mouth

And the problems of a smile mismatch impact more than just the appearance of your smile. They can impact the function of your teeth. In addition to looking visually harmonious, our teeth have to physically be in harmony with our jaw joints, jaw bones, muscles, and other jaw components.

If your teeth and jaw don’t work harmoniously together, the short-term effect will likely be the destruction of all your cosmetic dentistry. After that, you may suffer significant bite problems, such as bruxism and TMJ.

What You Want Instead

You love your favorite celebrity’s smile. You want a smile that’s beautiful, just like theirs. So what do you do when faced with these potential problems of getting that exact smile?

You let your cosmetic dentist design you a custom smile that reflects everything you love about that smile, but adapts it to your appearance. The highly trained and experienced cosmetic dentists at Smile Columbia Dentistry have performed this adaptation many times. They know how to give you a smile you’ll love. And you’ll recognize the features you love from the celebrity’s smile, but you’ll also recognize that this is a smile that’s uniquely yours. It’s your own beautiful smile.

Would you like to start your smile design process? Please call (803) 781-9090 today for an appointment with a Columbia, SC cosmetic dentist at Smile Columbia Dentistry.