Do your loose teeth bother you? Afraid they don’t look their best, or worse, may come out? Sometimes, does the thought of just getting rid of those loose teeth make you smile?

We can hit periods in our lives where the impact of poor oral health can give us an overwhelming anguish. Like there is nothing to be done to make them better any more. As bad as this can feel, it’s not really the end. There is an option, dental implants. They are so much like natural teeth that it’s like getting a fresh start with new teeth. They can provide your smile with a new lease on life and give you more to grin about.

When It's Time to Let Loose Teeth Go | Dental Implants Columbia SC

To Save Your teeth or Not to Save Your Teeth …

The first option should always be trying to save your teeth. Keeping them has many more benefits than replacing them with implants. We will want to try to exhaust every option at saving them before pulling them out for good.

We can work together to heal them by adding splints to make them more secure, and work on the best diets and habits to help preserve your natural smile. Working on another factor of loose teeth, gum disease, and clearing that up can preserve your natural smile and be less expensive in the long run.

Have you already tried strategies, or is saving your teeth no longer an option? Then we can explore the option of dental implants.

Roadmap to Implants

After a comprehensive exam and evaluation of your oral health, we can decide on where the path will go from there. The exam will cover aspects of your oral health, from bone density in the area of the implants and a general oral health evaluation. The evaluation will also help us determine if there is more work that needs to be done before we go forward with the implants.

Factors in this are: gum disease and bone density. If you have gum disease, we may need to treat it before you get implants. If you don’t have enough bone density, a bone graft would be needed at the site. Sometimes this can be done when your implants are placed. Other times it requires a separate procedure. We may also need to extract the natural teeth weeks or months before the implants as well, depending on the health of your teeth and gums.

We provide a state of the art experience and world class team through our workflow, planning and implanting. With our Ceraroot Zirconia implant, we also offer strong, attractive, and biocompatible metal-free implants.

Dental Implants and you

If it is frustrating and tough to deal with unhealthy and loose teeth, then look no further. At Smile Columbia Dentistry, we can give you back that strong and secure smile you once had or have always wished for!

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