If you’re happy with your smile, you might not think that you need to visit a cosmetic dentist. After all, what can they do for you?

But the truth is that you should always visit a dentist with a strong sense of aesthetics so that you can continue to enjoy your smile for your entire life.

attractive young woman with beautiful smile prepares for cosmetic dental treatment in Columbia, SC


Not all dentists are prepared to document the appearance of your smile, but this can be crucial if you experience injury, decay, or wear on your teeth. A cosmetic dentist is set up to collect detailed digital images of your teeth. That way, if anything happens to your teeth, you will be able to restore it exactly to its former appearance.

Prevent Decay

Your smile may be perfect now, but if you want it to stay that way, you will need to keep it from developing decay. And that means preventive dentistry. But why not go to any old dentist on the corner for your preventive dentistry?

Cosmetic dentists are used to looking minutely at teeth because they are constantly evaluating the aesthetics of a smile. Some general dentists may not regard your teeth as closely. This could potentially leave your teeth vulnerable to small decay, which can develop into more serious decay before it’s detected.

Some dentists may even accelerate tooth damage because they are not gentle on your teeth. Random poking, scraping, and prodding of your teeth can create small injuries that develop into future decay. Pick a dentist with a gentle touch to ensure your natural teeth remain as healthy and as beautiful as ever.

And not all dentists offer dental sealants for adults.

Attractive Restorations

Most of us will experience some tooth decay in our lives. When this occurs, you will need a restoration. While all dentists can offer you functional restorations, your average dentist may not be able to give you attractive ones that can maintain the appearance of your smile.

Metal fillings can ruin your smile. Although composite tooth-colored fillings are better, you will want to have the option of ceramic fillings that will be able to fully restore the appearance of your smile.

Avoiding Wear and Tear

Technically, this point applies more to neuromuscular dentists than cosmetic dentists, but it’s vital for maintaining the health and beauty of your smile. If your bite isn’t properly balanced, some of your teeth may be subjected to excess force. This can wear the tooth down or even lead to chipping or cracking. Or they may be subjected to lateral forces, which can cause your teeth to drift, causing your perfect smile to turn crooked (especially if you’ve previously had braces).

These bite problems can also develop into a serious jaw condition called temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), and there are few things that will damage your beautiful mile like TMJ can.

A neuromuscular dentist can determine whether your teeth are at risk for drifting and can protect your beautiful smile.

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