FOY® Dentures, are different from traditional dentures in many ways. One thing they do is attempt to restore the full height to your smile, which can help significantly improve the appearance of your face.

How Lost Height Affects Your Facial Appearance

before-after1-300x238When you were young, your skin, muscles, and other facial tissues developed around your full set of teeth that were long and strong. These teeth were as long as they would ever be, and established the youthful dimension of your face.

Your teeth don’t keep growing, and once they emerged, your teeth began to wear down, becoming shorter and shorter. As they did, your face became shorter, too. But your skin, muscles, fat pads, and more were the same size. This now excess facial tissue folds in, sags down, or pushes outward, creating an aged appearance.

Once your teeth are removed, the effect may be even worse.

How Normal Dentures Fall Short

Normal dentures aren’t designed to take into account this shortening of your face. Many times, a dentist will just pick an arbitrary height for your dentures, especially if you’re getting economy dentures. This is usually too short, so you still have the problem of an aged appearance.

A better technique for traditional dentures tries to mimic the size of your teeth before they were removed. This is somewhat better, but since your teeth were already worn down at that point, these dentures don’t help you look younger at all.

And the problem becomes worse over time. Once you lose your teeth, your body will begin removing bone from your jaw. This causes your face height to shrink even more. And as the jawbone moved inward, toward the tongue, so will your teeth, causing a sunken-in look.

The Denture Fountain of Youth® Really Measure Up

FOY Dentures® are designed to reproduce the height of your original teeth, restoring your original facial proportions. Although this won’t undo the effects of gravity or changes in your skin, it will reduce the amount of facial folding and excess skin that can make you look older.

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