jar of nutellaIf you’re one of the Columbia University students who are supposedly gorging themselves on Nutella, while it may be a healthier way to gain your “freshman fifteen” or…freshman forty, it’s still not a healthy eating habit to eat Nutella at every meal, or even for breakfast every day. “Everything in moderation,” is a wise principle in general, and it certainly applies to Nutella.

The Social Frenzy

“Everybody’s eating Nutella, maybe I should too…”, there’s an obvious reason why Nutella’s so important. It’s tasty. It tastes almost like chocolate frosting. There’s a reason behind that. On a per-serving basis, which according to Nutella’s nutrition facts is two tablespoons, Nutella is really high in fat and sugar: two substances that that average person’s tastebuds love.

Chocolate Frosting Might Be Better

You wouldn’t load up a piece of bread with a bunch of chocolate frosting at every meal and expect health results would you? Frosting is just a “sometimes” food to be enjoyed on the occasional slice of cake. Actually, as it turns out, you might be better off loading up that slice of bread with Betty Crocker’s Rich & Creamy Chocolate Frosting:

Yep! Aside from a somewhat negligible amount of protein in the hazelnut spread, chocolate frosting is actually “better for you” than Nutella in that it contains less fat and sugar per serving. In either case, it’s really a bad idea to eat in such large quantities, especially if you’re a college student on the go who may not have the best dental hygiene. The bacteria in your mouth will go crazy with all of that extra sugar that likes to hide in between your teeth. If you don’t brush and floss on a regular basis, a diet that is high in Nutell (or chocolate frosting), is almost certain to result in cavities and the need for dental help.

Do Yourself A Favor

Help your teeth and the Columbia University Dining Services, stop the Nutella madness! Eat some veggies instead, and schedule a teeth cleaning appointment with your dentist ASAP!