Gallup reports that its job creation index continues to hover around the highest levels seen since the index was created in 2008. With all signs pointing to a strong economic recovery, you might have to consider whether your smile is the reason why you’re still having trouble finding a job.

Gallup’s Job Creation Index

In 2008, Gallup initiated its job creation index. This index is based on surveys of more than 16,000 employees in all 50 states and the District of Columbia on the hiring behavior of their employers. For this month, 40% of respondents said their employer was hiring, while 12% said their employer was letting people go, resulting in a job creation index of 28.

The job creation index hit its highest point in September 2014, at 30. But the levels have remained relatively constant since May 2014, when it reached 27. Consistently high job creation numbers echo Americans’ increasingly high confidence in job prospects. About 45% of Americans say it’s a good time to look for a job, the highest level since May 2007, and the second highest point since this index was created in 2002.

These numbers also reflect the official job creation numbers from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, which has shown a minimum of 200,000 jobs created each month since February 2014, a job creation streak that has not been seen in the last 20 years.

Are You Being Left behind by the Rebound?

Business leader looking at camera in working environmentHowever, despite the robust economy and job recovery, not everyone is enjoying the benefits, as many people continue to find it difficult to get a job. There are many potential reasons why some people are having a hard time getting a job in the new economy, such as outdated skill sets, lack of experience, or just a mismatch between their skills and job demand.

The first place to start looking for the reason why you can’t find a job is your resume. If you don’t have the skills or experience employers are looking for, you won’t be called in for interviews. Try taking temp jobs or volunteering to build up your resume.

If you are getting called in for interviews, but aren’t getting hired, odds are it’s not your skills that are the problem. It may be your smile. Studies have shown that people with whiter smiles and straighter smiles are more likely to be hired over people with similar qualifications but discolored or crooked smiles. Teeth whitening and orthodontics can be a good investment to help you find a job.

South Carolina has even recognized the role of your teeth in helping you to get a job and is considering trying to make dental care more accessible to unemployed individuals.

If you are hoping a better smile might make the difference in your job prospects, please call (803) 781-9090 for an appointment with a Columbia, SC cosmetic dentist at Smile Columbia Dentistry today.