Countless people struggle with sensitive teeth, thanks to the growing popularity of abrasive whitening products and acidic beverages. If your teeth are causing you pain, there are a few things you can do to alleviate your discomfort.

woman with a cracked tooth after eating a meal at home

Eat and Drink Wisely

Some of our favorite foods and beverages can have a negative impact on our teeth. Many have an acidic nature, which can cause our tooth enamel to erode. These include:

  • Wine
  • Coffee
  • Citrus fruits
  • Sodas
  • Sports drinks
  • Energy drinks

If you want to prevent tooth sensitivity, avoid the above foods and drinks; or eat them sparingly. Additionally, you can reduce the likelihood of problems by using a straw to drink acidic beverages.

Choose an Appropriate Toothpaste

Toothpaste is critical for helping us prevent gum disease and cavities by reducing tarter and plaque buildup. That said, in certain situations, it can also promote tooth sensitivity. Many common toothpastes that contain baking soda, whitening agents and tartar-control also contain phosphates which can cause problems for people who have sensitive teeth. If you notice discomfort while brushing, switch to a toothpaste that contains potassium nitrate. This ingredient blocks receptors which transmit cold and hot as pain.

Leave Whitening to the Professionals

Over-the-counter whitening strips and toothpastes are prone to causing tooth sensitivity. Since they contain harsh ingredient, virtually all effective whitening treatments have the potential to cause problems, especially in the hands of an amateur. Invariably, it’s much smarter to leave tooth whitening to the professionals, who know how to safely apply treatments.

At Smile Columbia, we offer patients effective professional teeth whitening treatments that provide beautiful results, without sensitivity problems that frequently come with over-the-counter products. Patients enjoy whiter, brighter smiles that give them confidence. To learn more, contact our office today or call (803) 781-9090.