Very few people manage to make it through decades of their lives without accumulating a few dental problems, from cavities to chips and everything in between. Our teeth do a lot of hard work, and sometimes it shows. But if you had dental work a long time ago, it may be bringing down your smile today.

If you’re looking for an easy way to beautify your smile, replacing outdated dental work could be the perfect solution. Here are a few quick fixes to investigate if you’re looking to spruce up your smile.

Replace Dark Amalgam Fillings

If you have amalgam fillings, also known as silver or metal fillings, they’re probably not doing your smile any favors. They may not be visible when you smile, but while you’re talking, they can deliver flashes of dark grey that make your whole mouth look discolored or even unclean.

If it’s been more than ten years since you got an amalgam filling, it’s probably time to replace it anyway. But even if your fillings are still in good condition, replacing them with more attractive alternatives can still be a smart cosmetic choice.

While amalgam fillings are effective at doing their job of filling and protecting your teeth after a cavity is removed, they are no longer the best looking option. Tooth-colored fillings are made from strong, durable composite resin and custom tinted to match your natural teeth, making them subtle.

If you want to take your restorations to the next level, you can go one further step up the ladder and get dental inlays and onlays, which won’t just match the color of your teeth, but also their luster. These restorations are virtually undetectable — your teeth will look as good as new!

Replace Mediocre Dentures

If you’re unhappy with your dentures, you don’t need to continue to suffer. The Denture Fountain of Youth® is bringing sleek new technology to the field of dentures, making them more comfortable, attractive, and reliable than ever.

No longer do you have to deal with dentures slipping out of place when you’re eating or talking. These dentures are fabricated based on an understanding of the neuromuscular structure of the jaw, which means they fit better and look better. By providing the structure and support to your facial tissues that your teeth can no longer provide, Fountain of Youth Dentures can even act as a sort of non-surgical facelift, filling out the face and reducing the appearance of sagging skin.

If you’re ready to leave behind dentures or partial dentures for good, dental implants might be the solution you’re looking for. Implants look and perform just like your natural teeth, so you can go back to eating, talking, and smiling just like you did before losing teeth.

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