Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed that your smile seems like it’s a little bit “off”? If it seems that your smile isn’t centered in the center of your face, you might want to have the midline of your smile shifted.

We can do this with porcelain veneers or with orthodontics. Which is best for you depends on your circumstances.

Why the Midline Matters

Symmetry is an essential component of beauty. Our eyes and brain are great at perceiving symmetry, and within fractions of a second we can identify the level of symmetry in faces.

In order to have good symmetry, the face should have a well-developed midline, which divides the face into two equal halves. When the midline of the smile is off, it can dramatically impact the perceived symmetry of the entire face, not just the smile.

If you are looking to change the midline of your smile, you might think that orthodontics are your only option, but porcelain veneers are another good option you should consider.

How Porcelain Veneers Move Your Midline

Smile Columbia Dentist Dr. Adam Hahn

Orthodontics works by shifting your teeth. It’s easy to see how this can shift the midline of your smile: you just move the teeth over.

Porcelain veneers work differently. The perception of a midline that’s off comes from the crowns of the teeth, not the roots. It’s not necessary to shift the roots to change the appearance of your midline. By reshaping the crowns, porcelain veneers are able to change the midline without moving the roots.

Advantages of Using Porcelain Veneers for Shifting the Midline

Porcelain veneers can be completed in a much shorter time than orthodontics. Typically, veneers can be completed in about a month, compared to a year that is typical for orthodontics.

If you have your teeth reshaped, you won’t need to wear a retainer to help keep your teeth in place: your roots haven’t moved so can’t drift back.

And while we’re reshaping your teeth, we can combat problems like worn teeth, discolored teeth, or poorly shaped teeth, whether these are acquired or congenital.

And if you already have difficulty maintaining oral hygiene, veneers won’t increase the difficulty of hygiene and add to the possible risks of hygiene problems.

Is It Right for You?

Of course, not every case of an off-center midline can be treated with porcelain veneers. We would have to carefully evaluate your smile to determine whether the movement required would be too great, or if bite problems like TMJ might put veneers at risk and may require orthodontic treatment.

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