Neuromuscular dentistry uses modern technology to assess the function (or dysfunction!) of the jaw by evaluating all of these and creating the optimum bite for your jaw structure while creating your new beautiful smile. If you suffer from headaches, ear congestion, dizziness, difficulty swallowing, neck pain, jaw clenching or teeth grinding, jaw joint pain, and even nervousness or insomnia this treatment can pinpoint the source. In evaluating your teeth, and the muscles and joints of your jaw, you can alleviate TMJ disorders and in the process, get the smile you have always dreamed of. There are various types of muscles located in the face and neck that hold your jaw, control the movement of your jaw, and allow you to chew and swallow; all of which is done subconsciously. If your bite is off, your body automatically strains the muscles of your jaw, working the muscles extra hard. This is why the temporomandibular joints become over stressed and TMD occurs.

The goal of Dr. Adam Hahn at Smile Columbia is to find and restore your jaw to its natural, optimal position. TMJ disorders are eliminated by restoring your jaw to that position where the muscles, teeth and joints are in balance. This takes the pressure off of your joints and over strained muscles, eliminates jaw or teeth clenching, and allows for your muscles to act naturally, and with no effort, make your jaw function properly.  At the same time this position allows for a beautifully aesthetic smile.

Recently AADR- American Association for Dental Research – an organization almost entirely run by academic dentists issued a TMD policy.  It says, in part, “Studies of the natural history of many TMDs suggest that they tend to improve or resolve over time.”

That certainly is not the case with the folks that we treat.  They have been suffering for years and even decades before getting help through Neuromuscular dentistry.  Many of these patients have been through a cycle of visits with primary care physicians, neurologists, and pain medicine specialists with no relief for their symptoms.  They are given multiple medications including steroids and narcotics which only mask the pain.

Here is a story of a Registered Nurse who suffered for many years with jaw pain, jaw clicking and headaches.  Now she is pain free due to Neuromuscular treatment she has received from Dr. Prabu Raman, a mentor of Dr. Hahn.  Once the Neuromscular orthotic corrected her bite relation and gave her relief orthodontics were used to move the teeth to the proven, correct position.

When she heard what the academics said….she asked “What were they smoking?” and “I know that they could not have suffered from TMD to say that”

Watch her story here:

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