Don’t readily accept confusing diagnoses from neurologists as the final word. If an oral surgeon says that your jaw joints are “fine” and yet you have facial pain and headaches, don’t accept that as the final word on “TMJ”. These are not the final words, if it means living a life of pain and heavy medications.

No need to keep suffering with migraine, headache, neck pain, back pain, jaw pain, ear pain, TMJ disorder and TMD when the underlying cause is a “bad bite”. It is not just teeth, but a poor jaw, head and neck alignment. It may be hard to believe. But neuromuscular dentistry can actually solve these problems in most cases. So if you are tired of the pain and hate taking medications with no end in sight, there is hope.

Watch this video of one of Dr. Prabu Raman’s actual patients. She is a speech pathologist and a medical patient who suffered through the medical model of treatment until she was exposed to the power of neuomuscular dentistry by Dr. Raman.  It is in 2 parts.

She had been treated by several neurologists who diagnosed her, at different times, with Migraine, Headache, Trigeminal neuralgia, atypical dystonia, SUNCT and Tourette’s syndrome. They tried various medications: Tegretol, Prednisone, Neurontin, Lyrica, Topamax and other anti-seizure and anti-depressant medications without any improvement. There were steroid injections into the back of the neck as well.

She was told that since nothing they tried worked, it must be a psychological issue. She needs to learn to accept it.

Through Neuromuscular orthotic therapy and neuromuscular orthodontic treatment she is 90% pain free and completely off ALL medications. Once the optimal bite was diagnosed through advanced Neuromuscular protocols, moving the teeth along with bone support and gum tissue to this position is called Neuromuscular Functional Orthodontics. This is different from traditional orthodontics where are teeth are moved to give a nice smile. 4 out of 5 patients we treat for TMD had previously had traditional orthodontics.

If you are interested in what Neuromuscular Dentistry can do for you please give us a call here at Smile Columbia at (803) 781-9090. Dr. Hahn has extensive training in Neuromuscular Dentistry and is committed to helping patients achieve optimal health.