It’s no secret: dental implants are becoming one of the most common tooth replacement treatments out there. In as little as one treatment, a patient could walk out with a brand new set of teeth that function much like their natural teeth. Comprised of two main components, the implant and the crown, what makes dental implants so successful is their ability to integrate with our bone and tissue, forming a bond that mimics that of a natural tooth root. Though they already boast a 98 percent success rate, pairing dental implants with advanced CT scan technology can make the process faster, more accurate, and easier for you.

What is CT Scan Technology?

Dental Implants and the Magic of CT ScansA CT Scan or computerized tomography combines a series of x-rays taken from different angles around your body and uses computer processing technology to depict a full picture of the bones, blood vessels, and soft tissue of the scanned portion of the body. Each mouth is different. Some have more bone mass than others, and some have slightly different structures. CT Scan technology allows your dentist to see your mouth in 3-dimensions as opposed to traditional x-ray technology that only provides a 2-dimensional view. Using this technology in a a dental implant procedure gives your dentist the tools needed to eliminate the possibility of errors, reduce surgery time, and reduced recovery time for the patient.

Our CT scan isn’t the same as what your doctor might have prescribed: it’s a cone-beam CT, which gives more detailed scans of the jaw area and doesn’t use as much radiation.

Advanced Digital Workflow

Not all CT Scan technology is the same, however. Some offices have access to more advanced architecture. Our system produces a highly detailed image that shows Dr. Hahn the exact configuration of your bone structure. With this information, he can create a surgical guide that makes surgery efficient and accurate, improving the longevity of results and your overall recovery. One common difficulty dentists face when placing implants in the upper jaw is the amount of bone mass available between the sinus cavities and gum line. Utilizing this technology gives us all the information we need before beginning the procedure and possible encountering complications.

Dental Implants

CT Scans not only allow for more accurate dental implant procedures, they also allow for incredible procedure options like dental implants. For many patients who have recently lost one or more teeth (or need to have them removed), going without teeth while the dental implants heal can be stressful and embarrassing. Our procedure has optimized the dental implant procedure, making it possible for patients to receive dental implants in as little as one appointment.

Utilizing advanced digital workflow and the efficiencies allowed for by CT Scan technology, we offer the speed and efficiency patient’s deserve.

If you’re considering dental implants, the time to schedule an appointment is now. During your consultation, your dentist can look at your medical history, answer questions, and advise you on the safest and most effective way to replace your missing teeth.

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