As highlighted in the recently ended series Mad Men, the best ad campaigns work by highlighting an essential truth of the human experience. That’s the case with this award-winning ad campaign for Crest.

Emoticons in Texts

The ad campaign features a number of texts that are presented both without a smile and with a smile. The whole page ad is mostly white space with the two small text boxes in the middle of the page, then the explanatory slogan at the bottom: “A Smile Changes the Whole Story.”

The ad campaign is known by a reference to its most successful form, “Hospital.” In this case, the text “On my way to the hospital” ends with just a period or with a smiley emoticon :). Without the emoticon, a trip to the hospital evokes a sense of danger and concern. Someone is sick or hurt, possibly dying. But with an emoticon, the sentence is the complete opposite: it’s the beginning of life. People are elated when they’re on the way to the hospital to welcome a bundle of joy.

Other texts used in the campaign include “I found the photos,” and “You made me cry.” In each case, the emotion felt on reading the texts does a dramatic flip when the text includes an emoticon.

What makes these texts relevant for Crest’s campaign is that our brain responds to emoticons the same way it responds to personal smiles. The symbols evoke the same brain regions and lead to the same type of emotional response, so that when we look at the texts we get the same emotional flip that we would experience if we were delivered the same information in person.

Would a New Smile Change Everything?

Every one of us has a smile. Unfortunately, not all of us feel comfortable using it. And in some situations, that can make all the difference. If you are reluctant to share your smile, you might find that people often misinterpret your message or come to the wrong conclusion about you, especially at first impression.

Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry has a solution for almost any problem that might be making you withhold your smile. Braces for crooked teeth, teeth whitening for discolored teeth, even dental implants for missing teeth: we have many options to help you get a smile you feel comfortable sharing.

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