In one form or another, people have been trying to replace lost teeth for thousands of years. The Egyptians, along with the Phoenicians, used ligature wire made of gold to stabilize teeth that were loose and sometimes even replace lost teeth. Perhaps the first true implant dates from about 2300 years ago in France. We’re not sure that this actually was an implant, but researchers found the small iron bar among the ruins of a woman’s jaw. They think it was placed after her death. For an implant that was placed during life, we have to look to the New World, where the mandible of a Mayan woman dated 800 AD was found with a seashell inserted into the jaw bone. Obviously, we’ve become much more sophisticated in our efforts.

Even in the nearly sixty years since modern dental implants have become a standardized procedure, we’ve made several advancements. Last year in China, the procedure was even performed by a robot. Although the FDA has yet to approve a procedure like this in the U.S., there are still many advancements we can enjoy, including Smile By Tomorrow, an innovative technique that allows you to enjoy the benefits of dental implants after just one appointment.

Introducing Smile by Tomorrow

What is Smile By Tomorrow?

Smile By Tomorrow is a combination of the latest developments and techniques in dental implant technology. In this streamlined, computerized procedure, Dr. Adam Hahn can design a full set of new teeth for you that precisely fits the smile you dream of, and it does this in quick procedure that is under 2 hours. By carefully evaluating numerous options, such as All-on-4 ® implant dentures and Teeth in a Day, which didn’t match his rigorous standards, Dr. Hahn was able to design a method both effective and comfortable for the patient.

How Does the Procedure Work?

Smile by Tomorrow replaces missing teeth using a dental bridge, also known as an implant denture. Dr. Hahn first uses sophisticated CT scans and computer technology to plan the procedure. Then he places four dental implants on either the upper arch or the lower arch. Dental implants are titanium roots that are inserted into the jaw bone. This titanium then bonds with bone and tissue through a process known as osseointegration, which creates a connection that mimics that of a natural tooth root. You’ll also receive an attractive bridge made of PMMA and supported by a titanium bar that will immediately secure like natural teeth. You get it the same day Dr. Hahn places your implants. By tomorrow you’ll be smiling.  You’ll have the option to keep this bridge or upgrade to one made of advanced zirconia ceramic.

Is Smile By Tomorrow Right For Me?

Smile By Tomorrow offers several benefits to those missing multiple teeth. In under two hours, you’ll have the ability to speak clearly, enjoy a rejuvenated facial appearance, and will be able to eat all the foods you used to enjoy. Unlike traditional dentures, Smile By Tomorrow teeth don’t require additional hygiene habits which can become tiresome. Plus, they won’t fall out unexpectedly. In fact, they function much like natural teeth.

The best way to determine whether Smile By Tomorrow will work for you, is to schedule a consultation with implant dentist Dr. Hahn. There you can voice any concerns you may have and review your smile goals.

To learn more about Smile By Tomorrow, please call (803) 781-9090 or contact Smile Columbia Dentistry today and schedule an appointment at our Columbia, South Carolina office.