Pure Power Mouthguard™ Pure Power Edge

In approximately 90% of the population, the lower jaw is not in its optimal, most comfortable position; this causes pain and muscle tension in the jaw and the area that surrounds the jaw. An orthopedic jaw appliance has been designed based on the science of neuromuscular dentistry and is called the Pure Power Mouthguard™. Athletes, especially, are benefitting from the PPM™ because by holding the jaw in its optimal position, the PPM™ results in improved vertebrae alignment, better balance, and increased upper body strength. This appliance is custom designed and fitted for each athlete based on their own individual muscle physiology. Both professionals and amateurs, or anyone that is serious about their sports performance can benefit from the strength and endurance improvement that the appliance provides.

There are two versions of Pure Power Appliances. Drs Paul and Adam Hahn create an appliance designed for non-impact sports like baseball, golf, soccer, and weight lifting that is worn on the lower jaw. This is called the Pure Power Edge (Displayed to the right). This device is also used while training for impact sports, because it is less cumbersome than the upper appliance PPM.

Pure Power Mouthguard

The second type of appliance, called the Pure Power Mouthguard, is designed for impact sports like football, hockey, lacrosse and the martial arts, and protects against impact trauma to the teeth and concussion injuries. While protecting your teeth and jaw, it is also designed to hold your jaw in its most relaxed and comfortable position, allowing your upper torso muscles to work at their maximum potential resulting in increases in range of motion, flexibility, and strength. (displayed to the right)

What is the PPM™ Concept?

Both the Pure Power Edge and the Pure Power Mouth Guard™ help to properly align the facial muscles, improving muscle recruitment and vertebrae alignment. If your jaw and neck muscles are not strained from a poor jaw position, your upper cervical muscles are free to work much more efficiently and to their fullest potential. Simply put, the PPM™ results in improved strength, flexibility, and balance and is helping athletes maximize their performance all over the country.

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Neuromuscular dentistry is the dental specialty that works to alleviate headaches, neck and shoulder pain, jaw pain, clicking or popping noises of the jaw, and tinnitus (ringing of the ears) by achieving better alignment of the jaw. Misalignment of the bite is known as “malocclusion” and can be very painful. Neuromuscular dentistry focuses on the physical connection between the range of motion of jaw muscles and joints and your body posture.

Dr. Paul Hahn and Dr. Adam Hahn of Smile Columbia have the specialized training necessary to assess your jaw problem and create a treatment plan that will change your life.