One of the benefits of metal-free dental implants is that they help people who have titanium allergies and can’t get titanium dental implants. But how common is this condition?

What Is Titanium Allergy?

If you’re one of the people who recently suffered through another South Carolina spring allergy season, you know what an allergy is like: sneezing, excess mucous, and achiness. But what causes this allergic response?

We’re not entirely certain what causes allergies, but, for some reason, your body decides that a harmless substance is a toxic invader and raises an immune response. All the symptoms you experience are related to your body’s immune response, which is why they’re common to many types of illness — cold, flu, bacterial infection — as well as to allergies. They’re related to autoimmune disorders, in which your body decides your own cells are invaders and attacks them.

With a titanium allergy, your body decides that titanium is a threat to the body, even though titanium oxide, the compound on the surface of the dental implant, is completely inert and stable. In addition to the general allergy symptoms listed above, an allergy sufferer will have swelling and tenderness at the site of the implant, too, which can lead to dental implant failure.

How Common Is Titanium Allergy?

Dental implants have been used widely around the world for more than 30 years. That’s given us enough time to get a good sense of how many people are at risk. Our best estimate comes from a large study of 1500 dental implant patients. Of these 1500 patients, only 9 (0.6%) were found to have titanium allergy. The majority of patients (56%) with titanium allergy experienced unexplained dental implant failure. Others also experienced flu-like symptoms. It’s not just dental implants, either, but other titanium implants can cause similar symptoms.

Are You at Risk?

Most people can get titanium dental implants without worry. However, if you or any member of your family has a metal allergy or strong allergies of any type, you should consider being tested for titanium allergy.

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