Dental implants are actually a great investment. With a lifespan measured in not years but decades, the vast majority of people are very happy with their dental implants. It’s almost like having your natural teeth back, so your quality of life is much higher than with other options like dentures or bridges.

But, still, for some people the cost of dental implants can seem high at first. Although we would definitely discourage you from seeking a bargain on dental implants–that’s more likely to cost more in the long run–there are actually some good strategies that you can use to keep your dental implant costs under control.

Make Haste to Prevent Waste

If you wait too long to get dental implants, the procedure is only going to get more expensive. The problem is that your teeth stimulated the jawbone that held them in. Once the teeth are gone, the jawbone will begin to go, too. Your body will resorb the bone material and use it elsewhere in the body. That means that when we place your dental implants we might have to replace the bone with a bone graft.

Acting quickly will allow us to place dental implants in your native bone before it’s lost. Then the dental implant will stimulate the bone and prevent it from being removed.

If you are having difficulty fitting a dental implant procedure into your budget right now, consider financing options. Sure, there are costs associated with getting a loan, but it may be much less than what you’ll save.

Give Up Bad Habits

Dental implants aren’t a good investment if they don’t last as long as they should. The risk of dental implant failure is small, but it goes up if you have certain bad habits. Smoking or chewing tobacco, for example, can increase your risk of dental implant failure by three times or more. You might even want to consider avoiding secondhand smoke.

You can also put your implants at risk if you do things like bite your fingernails, chew on pens or other nonfood objects, or use your teeth as scissors, bottle openers, or other types of tools.

Buff up Your Oral Hygiene

Want a low-cost way to improve your investment in dental implants? Oral hygiene is a bargain when it comes to the benefits you will see. Better brushing and flossing, using a gentle touch to protect gums around the implant, will help protect implants against gum disease.

Eat Right

Another bargain when it comes to maintaining your implants is to improve your diet. There are many nutrients we need that people are routinely deficient in, such as calcium, phosphorus,vitamin D, and folic acid. Make sure you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs to build and maintain bone around your implants.

Plan for the Future

Once you’ve lost one tooth, your risk of additional tooth loss increases. It’s not a bad idea to take this into account when getting dental implants. Ideally, dental implants should be placed so they can go from supporting a single crown to supporting a dental bridge to supporting a full denture. That way, you won’t need as many new implants as you lose more teeth. Your new restorations can be designed to take advantage of the current implants.

Follow All Instructions

But perhaps the best thing you can do to make sure you keep dental implant costs under control is to closely follow all the instructions your implant dentist gives you. We will let you know how best to ensure your dental implants are a good investment.

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