Matthew_LewisHarry Potter star Matthew Lewis, who played Neville Longbottom, was ordered by studio bosses to not see a dentist because they wanted to make sure he retained the geeky look they had hired him for.

Still Not Geeky Enough

Lewis was cast for the role because of his appearance as a child, partly because of his teeth and partly because he was pudgy. However, by the time they got to film three (Prisoner of Azkaban), Lewis reports he’d grown considerably and lost a lot of the pudgy appearance he had as a child.

So, in addition to not being allowed to get his teeth fixed, they actually made him wear even worse looking false teeth and put on a fat suit.

Lewis is quite explicit about his feelings about the experience. He says he hated living with his bad teeth for so long, saying, “I had to go 10 f—ing years without having anything done.”

He also notes how hard it was for him, “at the time, when you’re going through puberty and you’re on a film set with a lot of attractive girls . . .  and you have to wear this fat suit and have this long, greasy hair.”

The Impact of Bad Teeth

Lewis has now completely grown out of his geeky appearance as a childhood actor. If you see him on the red carpet these days, he’s almost unrecognizable. And his smile is perfect: he rushed out to see a cosmetic dentist as soon as he completed work on 2011’s Deathly Hallows–Part 2.

Lewis’ experience shows how devastating it can be to live with bad teeth. Here was a guy who had so much going for him: he was an actor in one of the most famous film series in history, and he had otherwise become an attractive guy, but because of his teeth, he had a very rough time of it.

If your teeth are your confidence sapper–and you’re not under contract not to–we can help you get an attractive smile that you can be as proud of as the rest of your appearance.

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