Last year, a study published in the Journal of British Sports Medicine showed that 2012 Olympic athletes had bad oral health. In fact, as much as one in five reported that their poor oral health had interfered with their training.

Partly in response to the findings, athletic teams are now making mandatory visits to the dentist part of training for the world’s most competitive event. Whether you’re an athlete or not, visiting the dentist could also give you a competitive advantage.

Marginal Gains Lead to Maximum Competitive Advantage

In looking at the role of oral health in competitiveness, the head of the International Center for Evidence-Based Oral Health said that with the vanishingly small differences between athletes at this level of competition, “the accumulation of marginal gains,” such as oral health, can make a difference.

This isn’t a theoretical model, it’s based on experience, too. For example, Dr. Mike Loosemore, the coach of Britain’s boxing team for 17 years, said, “I’ve become aware over the years that dental problems have been interfering with training. It stops them getting that little bit fitter and may have a consequence when they get into the ring.”

He says that although boxers object, he has instituted mandatory visits to the dentist. Boxers think the time at the dentist would be better spent training, but he says that because of the mandatory checkups “they are spending less time away from their training.”

Could You Benefit from “Marginal Gains”?

Many of us put visiting the dentist relatively low on our priority list. With so many demands on our time, it can be hard to make time for visiting the dentist. But, as with the boxers, we have to learn that making time for preventive care actually makes us healthier and allows us to put more time and effort into our top priorities.

And there are many ways that a healthy, attractive smile can be its own advantage. Oral health can save you money and improve your job prospects and an attractive smile is very important for a small business.

If you haven’t been making time for your visits to the dentist, there’s no time like the present to start. For an appointment with a dentist in Columbia, SC, please call Smile Columbia Dentistry at (803) 781-9090 today.