Numerous people endure some type of unrelenting pain, which makes life unpleasant. Sometimes, physicians are able to clearly identify the source of chronic pain; however, in certain instances, the causes are difficult to target. When patients report vague, lingering discomfort, they’re sometimes eyed with suspicion, especially when they ask for prescription pain medications on a regular basis. With that being said, a new study suggests that, many times, unexplained chronic pain is actually the result of genetic triggers which influence the brain in response to stressful or traumatic events.

When There’s No Physical Cause

Research conducted at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine indicates that certain genetic characteristics can cause certain people to experience lingering pain, even when physical causes don’t appear to be present. Appearing in the journal Pain, the study determined that stressful or traumatic events can lead some people to experience chronic pain long after the catalytic event has occurred.

According to the researchers’ report, gene variations may cause a person’s fight or flight response system to go awry, resulting in chronic, debilitating pain, which may appear to be psychological to medical professionals.

Identifying Causes

Unfortunately, countless people have no choice but to live with unrelenting pain, because their physicians simply cannot prescribe an effective treatment without knowing the source cause of the problem. On the other hand, for people who suffer from TMJ disorder, the outlook isn’t so negative.

Since it causes so many vague symptoms, TMJ disorder can lead sufferers to believe they have all sorts of varying physical problems; in reality, however, TMJ disorder almost always traces back to a singular cause: a bad bite.

If you experience tinnitus, jaw popping, intense headaches, chewing difficulties, jaw pain and/or facial tenderness, you could be suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder. If so, contact Smile Columbia or call

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