Actors understand that as they become recognizable figures for their roles, their interactions with the public come to be dominated by the fan response. But there are some things that you would just expect to be sacred. Like being on the toilet. Or getting a root canal treatment.

But as Gwendoline Christie has learned, nothing is sacred when it comes to Game of Thrones fans.

Lady Brienne’s Root Canal Surprise

Captive to the Audience

Christie plays Lady Brienne, the stern and faithful knight who has pledged her allegiance to the beleaguered House Stark. Brienne promised Lady Catelyn that she would track down and protect the Stark daughters, Sansa and Arya. This involvement has brought Christie’s character from a minor background role to one of the central figures in the series, and she’s become a fan favorite.

So it’s no surprise that Christie gets attention from fans wanting to hear secret details about the twist-laden Game of Thrones. But what is surprising is the way some fans will leverage their power to get these details.

When out promoting Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Christie also plays Captain Phasma, the silver-clad First Order stormtrooper.), Christie detailed one particularly uncomfortable encounter:

I was having root canal surgery and I was in the dentist’s chair. There was a clamp holding my mouth open, I had the bib and all the lovely plastic things around my mouth. I was reclined back in the chair and I was feeling like ‘this isn’t an ideal situation.’ The dentist left the room and I’m lying here with my mouth open and the dental nurse hits me on the thigh and goes ‘Now tell me what happens in Game of Thrones!’ She literally had me where she wanted me! She wasn’t going to let me go! Then she said ‘What’s it like being naked with Jaime Lannister. Is it sexy? Tell me it’s sexy! And I’m just gargling.

Now, of course Christie can’t respond to this question. When you’re in the dentist’s chair prepared for surgery, you are in some ways very powerless, which is why many people experience dental anxiety. It’s not so much the procedure or the potential discomfort: it’s the sense of powerlessness that makes people nervous.

Lady Brienne Might Appreciate a Root Canal

As we’ve discussed before, the cast of Game of Thrones doesn’t reflect the likely oral health of the characters. In the world of Westeros, dental care was likely very limited, both in terms of prevention and in treatment.

Typically, though, the characters wouldn’t be facing the same kinds of oral health problems we have today. Instead of worrying mostly about cavities, their primary concerns would be serious tooth wear, tartar, and teeth lost to trauma.

However, when teeth did get infected, treatment options were limited. Root canal therapy had not been developed so, after a period of extreme pain and potentially deadly illness, the only solution would be the extraction of the tooth in question. And there would likely be no option for using a dental implant to replace the lost tooth. Although there were some Iron Age examples of tooth replacement with primitive implants, the technology was not very successful.

Fortunately, with modern treatments, a decayed tooth like Christie’s could be treated, restoring its beauty and function for years, even decades to come.

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