Most parents make time to see their kids and give them a smile every day. A father in Britain, however, didn’t see his daughter for 21 years. Even so, he ended up giving her a smile that was so remarkable, she was chosen as a model for Invisalign.

A Fruitless Quest Takes an Odd Turn

Kristy Roberts-Millman last saw her father when she was six years old. But when she was 17, she began looking for him. She sought for five years, but never found him. In a sense, though, he found her. In 2009, police showed up at her door to tell her that her father had died in a car accident.

Imagine her surprise, though, when she found that her father actually lived just a ten minute drive away!

A Lifelong Goal Fulfilled

invisalign2345Behind finding her father, Kristy’s most important lifelong dream was fixing her smile. She says that for as long as she could remember, she’s been unhappy with the appearance of her smile. When her adult teeth came in, she was told by her dentist that they were coming in crooked. She would have liked to have braces then, but for financial reasons, she was unable to. With her father’s inheritance money arrived, she found she could finally address the overbite, crowding, and crookedness that made her feel her smile was unattractive. Invisalign was able to correct all these problems.

Then when Kristy heard that Invisalign was looking for a model who was an actual patient, she submitted her picture and her story. Her Invisalign results impressed the judges, and so did her story. They chose her as their new model.

Not everyone who gets Invisalign gets chosen as a model–though many of them look the part–but Invisalign is a remarkably effective orthodontic treatment. It’s also just one of multiple orthodontic options we offer.

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