Unfortunately for people who have crooked teeth, their dental issues can have a big impact on the way others perceive them. In fact, a recent dating survey found that people consider crooked teeth to be the second biggest turn-off, with only bad breath considered worse.

These days, people can attain straight, attractive smiles with braces; however, many adults are hesitant to go this route, because they fear they will look silly or immature. That said, the vast majority of the time, this worry isn’t founded in reality.

female hand holding a microphone

Celebrity Sets Example

Recently, country music superstar Faith Hill surprised her fans by showing up to the Country Music Awards wearing braces. According to Hill, she had braces as a child but neglected to wear her retainer as instructed. Consequently, her teeth became misaligned, prompting her to seek help from a cosmetic dentist.

Right for Anyone

Countless people feel embarrassed because their teeth are noticeably crooked. Unfortunately, bad teeth don’t just make people feel self-conscious; they can hold people back in their careers and dating lives.

As Faith Hill recently proved, you’re never too old to get braces. Many people are surprised to learn that they can get straight teeth with invisible braces, which provide effective discreet results. Patients are typically shocked to find that invisible braces do little to impact their physical appearances while they’re working. Within a few months, they notice straighter, more attractive teeth that have them seeking cameras instead of running from them.

If you are tired of hiding your teeth, because you’re embarrassed about their appearance; now is the time to reach out for help. Smile Columbia can provide you with removable, clear braces that allow you to attain a straight, beautiful smile without attracting attention for the wrong reasons. To learn more, contact our office today or call (803) 781-9090.