Are you dealing with stomach problems since getting your dentures? It’s actually quite common to experience upset stomach and other digestive difficulties after getting dentures. Here are some of the reasons why people have these problems and how we have the best denture replacement option for you.

man holding his stomach due to pain

Improper Chewing Technique

Traditional dentures can’t function like natural teeth. As a result, you need to chew with them differently than you would chew with natural teeth. You need to use a mostly up-and-down motions, since sideways movement is more likely to dislodge your dentures.

If you’re not chewing right, you may not be breaking up food enough before swallowing.

Not Chewing Long Enough

Even if you get your chewing technique down pat, your dentures are still less efficient at chewing than natural teeth. To make up for this, you need to start with smaller bites and take more time chewing.

If you are starting with too large bites and not spending enough time chewing, you may end up with food that’s not broken down enough when it gets to your stomach. This can lead to food caught in your throat, even impacted, or to an upset stomach.

Poor Denture Design or Fit

If you find yourself gagging every time you try to eat with dentures, it’s likely that the dentures aren’t properly designed or fitted to your mouth. It takes everyone a little while to adapt to dentures, but if you’re still gagging after a few months, then it’s likely the dentures that are the problem. They need to be adjusted so they don’t trigger your gag reflex.

Avoiding Healthy Foods

Maybe you’ve tried to adapt to your chewing limitations by changing your diet. You’re emphasizing more soft foods and avoiding foods that cause chewing problems. This can work, but it can also cause problems. If you’re eating mostly soft foods, you’re probably eating more fats and proteins and fewer fibers. This can cause you to have more constipation and gas.

Swallowing Air

Do you find that since you got dentures, you tend to feel bloated after eating, not comfortably full? Do you have excessive gas, including burping and flatulence? If that’s the case, then it’s likely that at least part of your problem is swallowing too much air when you eat. This is called aerophagia, and it can be very uncomfortable.

Better Denture Fit and Function Can Help

In all these cases, having dentures that fit better and function better will improve your stomach problems. With more secure dentures, you’ll chew more efficiently and you’ll have less stomach upset. Implant dentures can be really helpful. They can restore almost all the bite and function of natural teeth. That way, you won’t have to take so much time chewing, and you’ll be able to eat more food with natural fibers to help your digestion.

If you’re tired of dealing with so many digestive problems since you got dentures, we can help. Please call (803) 781-9090 today for an appointment with a Columbia, SC restorative dentist at Smile Columbia Dentistry.