Have you just received a diagnosis from a dentist that includes a lot of expensive treatments, and you’re not sure whether the diagnosis is right? How do you know whether you really need the treatments or whether you are being scammed?

Do You Trust Your Dentist?

piggy bankThe best way to know that you will only be told you need treatments that are legitimate is to find a Columbia, SC dentist you can trust. If you take the time to find a dentist who you know has your best interests at heart and is dedicated to maintaining a long-term relationship with you as opposed to trying to take money from you while you’re here, you can be sure that if something is being recommended, it’s necessary.

Is This Usual?

Another way to decide if you really need the listed procedures is to ask yourself if the treatments make sense given your dental history and usual care. If you have long had great oral health and then suddenly you are being told that you need many restorative treatments even though nothing has changed over the intervening time, it may not be appropriate treatment. On the other hand, if what your dentist is seeing fits with problems you’ve been experiencing, or warnings you’ve gotten in the past, it’s likely you really need the recommended treatments.

Of course, if you haven’t been to the dentist in a very long time, it’s normal to expect that you’ll need some help. While pain is frequently associated with dental problems, x-rays may reveal problems that have either moved beyond a stage where they would cause pain, or the problems may be discovered in an early stage before they cause pain. In either case, treating the issues is important.

How Does the Dentist Respond When Questioned?

If you get a recommendation for a lot of new care, you should ask your dentist to explain the treatment. Ask to see x-rays or intraoral camera images that show the need for treatment. A dentist who is on the level should be happy to explain, and should be able to show you exactly what he’s talking about.

Get a Second Opinion

When all else fails, get a second opinion before agreeing to have work done. A legitimate dentist knows that second opinions are normal in all healthcare, including dentistry. If a dentist gets defensive or hesitant about you getting a second opinion, perhaps you were right to be suspicious.

At Smile Columbia Dentistry, we are committed to the highest ethical standards in patient care. With about 40 years serving Columbia, SC, we know our impeccable reputation for honesty and dedication to our patients speaks for itself.

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