Until you have dental implants, you might not put too much thought into their design. But traditional dental implants are made up of three pieces. There’s the implant root, which is made of titanium put into the jawbone. There’s the dental crown, the visible part of the implant, which looks like your natural tooth. And then there’s the abutment, a little screw that connects the two pieces.

There are many reasons why this little screw can be problematic. But the good news is that it might also be going away.

Problems with Abutments

Dental implant abutments are one of the more problematic parts of the dental implant because they are so vulnerable to bending or breaking. Abutments can require another step in the healing process of dental implants, delaying your results.

Perhaps the most serious potential problem with abutments, though, is that they can be a source of infection and irritation to your gums. Any time you have a space between two parts, liquid and potentially bacteria can infiltrate. This can lead to a minor irritation, or it can lead to an infection and loss of the implant. Getting rid of the abutment could reduce the risk of infection and improve the success rate of dental implants.

It’s important to note that dental implants with abutments already have a very high success rate, well over 90%. But in our constant quest for perfection, dentists are always looking at sources of problems and trying to find a solution. And that includes abutments.

Implant Solutions without Abutments

We’re very happy to offer a dental implant option without an abutment. Metal-free dental implants connect directly to the dental crown. No abutment means no abutment damage, no abutment procedure, and, best of all, no place for bacteria to infiltrate between the implant and the abutment.

With the great evidence we already have about the success rate of metal-free implants, this gives us reason to hope we will see even better results in the future.

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