Cosmetic dentistry has seen some dramatic advancements in recent years, but perhaps the biggest advances have been in the materials available for cosmetic dentistry applications. These new materials have helped us to improve cosmetic dentistry in many ways, and that leads to many appreciable benefits for you. Here are five of the most important benefits for you.

5 Benefits of New Cosmetic Dentistry Materials

More Choice

One of the most straightforward benefits of the explosion of cosmetic dentistry materials is that you will now have more choices for your smile makeover than ever.

In the past, you may have had just one or two options for achieving the results you wanted, and each typically required serious compromises. Now you may have half a dozen options or more, and while we can’t completely eliminate compromises, they’re typically less serious, and you can choose which ones best fit your situation. For example, in the past, you may have had to accept a much less attractive and much less durable restoration if you wanted to save money. Now you can save some money and pick a restoration that is a little less attractive or a little less durable (not always both). That helps you get the cosmetic dentistry you want.

We Can Help More People

With the new materials at our disposal, we can help people we couldn’t help in the past. We can put cosmetic ceramic dental crowns in areas we couldn’t before. Even if you tend to strong clenching and grinding of teeth, new ceramic materials are strong enough to stand up to the pressure. In addition, we can make bridges and dentures out of these stronger materials, helping people get fully functional replacement teeth who couldn’t get them before.

If you’ve been told in the past that you’re not a good candidate for cosmetic dentistry of any type, now would be a good time to inquire whether this has changed.

Better Appearance

In the past, not all cosmetic dentistry materials were as cosmetic as we would have liked. The materials they were made of, the way they were manufactured, and the way that material was finished all contributed to an appearance that was less than attractive. We did the best we could, but the results weren’t always as pretty as they might have been.

Modern materials, though, are so much like natural teeth that they simply blend in and become unnoticeable. With modern cosmetic dentistry materials, few will guess that you’ve had the work done. They’ll love your beautiful smile and assume it’s natural.

This doesn’t just apply to dental crowns or veneers–it’s also true of dental implants. Metal-free zirconia implants can make your smile look more natural if you have thin or translucent gums.

More Durable

At the same time as modern materials have become more attractive, they’ve also become more durable than ever. They’re more resistant to chips, cracks, wear, and staining. That helps them last longer than ever.

In the past, you might have been lucky to have cosmetic restorations that lasted ten years, but now that’s become the norm, and it’s become fairly likely that your restorations will last 20 years or more.

Preserve Natural Teeth

Many cosmetic dentistry procedures require that we remove some natural tooth material to place the cosmetic crown or veneer. But with new, stronger materials, we don’t have to remove as much as we did in the past.

This is really helpful. It means that you are less likely to experience tooth sensitivity associated with restorations. And it helps preserve your options for future restorations if any changes might be necessary or desired.

Learn the Benefits for Yourself

If you’ve been considering cosmetic dentistry in Columbia, SC for a long time, but had reservations about some of its limitations in the past, now is a good time to investigate again, and see how much has changed in recent years.

To find out the benefits for yourself, all you have to do is call (803) 781-9090 today for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at Smile Columbia Dentistry.