TMJ disorder plagues countless people, who must endure jaw popping, tinnitus, jaw pain, severe headaches and chewing difficulties. For many, this final symptom is the most troubling, because it keeps them from eating the foods they once loved. Now, new research suggests that chewing difficulties may also lead to health problems which could shorten lives.

woman holding the side of her face due to jaw pain

A Noticeable Link

A team of researchers has shown a link between chewing difficulties and premature death. In conducting their study, the group followed thousands of elderly subjects for more than 12 months. By the end of the study, they noticed that subjects who suffered from chewing difficulties were more apt to die. These findings were even clear after the researchers discounted participants who suffered from other medical issues that might have increased their risk of early death.

What’s the Link?

While there is no definitive way to know why chewing difficulties increase the risk of mortality; one can reasonably assume that nutritional deficiencies play a part. Since they can’t enjoy fibrous vegetables, lean meats and hard nuts, people with chewing problems are more apt to eat soft diets which may lack antioxidants, dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins that all promote better health.

What if You Have TMD?

Since it causes chewing problems, TMJ disorder can force people to eat softer diets which could compromise their health. Fortunately, a targeted treatment can correct this frustrating problem, allowing people to regain the ability to enjoy the healthy, delicious foods they once enjoyed.

Reach Out for Help

Don’t wait for temporomandibular joint disorder to negatively affect your health. Even if your symptoms aren’t very severe right now; in time, they may grow serious. Don’t wait for your TMD to get worse. Contact Smile Columbia or call (803) 781-9090 to learn how a targeted TMJ treatment can put an end to your dietary restrictions.