ceraroot-logo-222Dental implants restore bite function and beautiful smiles lost with missing teeth. But not all dental implants are alike.

The Columbia dentists at Smile Columbia Dentistry are proud to offer CeraRoot, a metal-free implant with an advanced design for superior fit, comfort and aesthetics. Smile Columbia is the only dental practice in the Midlands to provide CeraRoot, and we invite you to contact us to learn more about these revolutionary dental implants or other options to replace missing teeth.

The CeraRoot Difference

The primary distinction between CeraRoot and other dental implants is the design. Traditional dental implants have multiple components:

  • A titanium implant that acts as a replacement root and is anchored in the jaw bone
  • A titanium or zirconia abutment, which connects the dental crown to the implant
  • A ceramic dental crown, which is crafted to match the surrounding natural teeth and is secured to the implant via the abutment

CeraRoot features a single, zirconia post that acts as both implant and abutment. This streamlined form offers a number of advantages over standard dental implants.

CeraRoot Benefits

CeraRoot implants are an ideal solution for many people with missing teeth, and their benefits include:

  • CeraRoot implants may be placed immediately after tooth extraction to minimize the implant process and facilitate a faster, more comfortable recovery; it also eliminates the need for an additional procedure to place an abutment
  • CeraRoot’s one-piece design leaves no connections below the gumline, where bacteria can accumulate
  • CeraRoot zirconia implants are biocompatible and hypoallergenic; though titanium has a high biocompatibility rate, some experience allergic reactions to titanium implants
  • CeraRoot implants are white for a seamless smile while the titanium of traditional implants may show through thin gums or become visible as the gums recede with age
  • CeraRoot implants are designed for strength, and they are topped with custom-made dental crowns for optimal bite performance and a natural look

CeraRoot dental implants are also easy to maintain with twice-daily brushing and regular dental visits.

CeraRoot dental implants

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

The vacant space left by a missing tooth or missing teeth can contribute to dental health problems and cause signs of premature aging.

Over time, the remaining natural teeth shift position to fill the void left by missing teeth. This repositioning widens gaps between the teeth where plaque can accumulate, leaving healthy teeth vulnerable to cavities.

The loss of a tooth and its root, which reaches into the jaw, also leads to a loss of bone density in the jaw. This further affects the position of the teeth, and it can cause your face to appear sunken around the jawline. Dental implants like CeraRoot not only provide bite function and a natural-looking smile, they help protect your remaining healthy teeth and preserve jaw-bone structure.

The Columbia, SC, dentists at Smile Columbia Dentistry offer a number of treatments for missing teeth, and we’re here to help you find the best option for your unique needs. To learn more about your choices, please call us today at (803) 791-9090.