We all want happy lives; however, often, we don’t engage in behavior or activities that promote happiness. Recently, ABC News’ chief medical editor hosted an Internet chat with a group of noted medical professionals, who offered strategies for promoting health and happiness.

Young couple having having romantic times in bedroom. A new study suggests that migraine sufferers may be able to find relief from their ailments by seeking help from their romantic partners.

Happiness Linked to Good Health

In a 60-minute conversation, experts from the Mayo Clinic, Harvard University, the National Institutes of Health and TEDMED explained that happier people tend to enjoy better health. Citing a large body of research, the experts said that happiness tends to promote lower levels of cortisol: the stress hormone that contributes to the development of many diseases. In fact, they say studies have shown that happier people tend to live much longer lives.

Promoting Happiness

According to the expert panelists, research indicates that people tend to be happier when they engage in certain activities, including meditating, journaling and socializing. They also said that optimism and good humor tend to promote better health and happiness.

Easier for Some than Others

Although certain people may be able to foster happiness by changing their mindsets; people who suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder aren’t so lucky. By causing all sorts of debilitating symptoms, TMD makes life difficult, causing sufferers to feel hopeless and depressed.

Fortunately, if you suffer from TMD, you can escape the vicious cycle of discomfort and unhappiness with the help of an effective treatment strategy that addresses the source cause of your problem.

Seek Help Now

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