When the Small Business Research Centre at Kingston University surveyed more than 2000 customers about what made them loyal to a small local business, 59% of them said a smile and a friendly greeting.

What’s more, people said they were willing to pay more to maintain their loyalty with these small and local businesses. So it seems that if your small business wants to compete with larger chains and outlets that can undercut you on price, this is a strategy that you should be pursuing.

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Small Businesses Don’t Follow Through

Unfortunately, when Kingston University surveyed more than 1000 business decision-makers, they found that many businesses weren’t following up on what seemed to be a no-brainer in terms of strategy. Just over half (54%) of businesses said they tried to create loyalty with smiles and friendly greetings.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only opportunity they were missing. Only about half of business owners were tracking customers’ orders to give personalized recommendations, and the same number was encouraging word-of-mouth among customers.

Perhaps the reason why businesses weren’t pursuing these strategies is that only about a third of them prioritized maintaining or expanding their customer base. But without your customers, where are you?

Why Aren’t You (or Your Employees) Smiling?

However, there’s another reason why many business owners aren’t smiling at customers. It may be that their smile is the problem. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, it can be hard to smile. Fortunately, our cosmetic dentists can help you. We can recommend the right procedures to give you the smile that you will feel confident about, from porcelain veneers to Invisalign.

Perhaps you’re thinking that you don’t have to worry about smiling because you’re not the one who deals with customers. But the problem is basically the same. If you’re not smiling at your employees, do you think they’re going to be smiling at your customers?

When the boss is happy, everyone’s happy.

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