two women taking a selfie together, showing off their amazing smilesSelfies are a great way to show off all the cool, fun things you’re doing this summer, whether it’s a girl’s night out or a marathon. Pouty faces used to be popular in selfies, but they’re out of style and the smile is in. The problem is, it can be hard to get the best looking smile in selfies.

Here’s how you can beat the crowd with a smile that will stand out in all your selfies.

Healthy Teeth and Gums

All great smiles start with good-looking teeth and gums. Make sure you have full confidence that when you show your pearly whites, they’re really white. Teeth whitening can help, but you have to make sure your teeth are healthy, which is partly oral hygiene and partly making regular dental checkups with Dr. Hahn, our Columbia SC dentist.

And don’t forget that restorative dentistry can help with chips, cracks, and even missing teeth.

The Right Lipstick

Your lips define your smile, so it’s important to make sure you’re framing it right. Any kind of yellowish lipstick (including orangey reds like scarlet and vermillion) will make your teeth seem more yellow. Bluish shades are best, and the darker the better. Even if you aren’t wearing lipstick, a quick once-over with nude lip gloss can add shine to your lips which will add shine to your teeth.

The Right Eye Makeup

Your smile starts with your teeth, but it’s really a whole-face expression, and your eyes play an important role. Define your brows and eyelashes so that they help define your smile and show off when your eyes are really smiling.

Stand Straight

Posture makes a huge difference in the appearance of your face. Hopefully you know better than to take a selfie from your typical texting position (which makes skin and fat bunch up under your chin), but remember that your jaw, your neck, and your back all depend on one another, and aligning your neck and back up straight will put your jaw in the best position.

Know Your Good Side

It’s important to know which is your good side. If you’re not sure, go with the left. If you’re in doubt, compare pictures from either side and see which you like best.

Tilt Your Head Slightly

Don’t tilt your head downward, but cocking it slightly to the left or right will create an interesting play of light, giving your face more depth and texture in the picture.

Take a Moment

Never just take a selfie. Instead, have a little ritual to help you get the best smile: Close your eyes, then take a cleansing breath, then open your eyes and smile. You’ll be amazed at how it helps you get a truer smile that’s just more you.

Don’t Be the Closest to the Camera

If you’re in a group, don’t crowd toward the camera. Not only is this rude, but it will also make your head look bigger than everyone else’s (in both a literal and metaphorical sense). That will make your smile look off, too.

If you would like help getting a selfie-ready smile please call (803) 781-9090 for an appointment with a Columbia SC dentist at Smile Columbia Dentistry.